Mighty Snake Plants Hiss To All the Bad Waves! (2021)

People use cellphones, watching TV working on their computers, electronic waves are everywhere.

Regarding the situation we that we are in  now, are you aware of the electromagnetic waves…

…that they are releasing to your body?

What would happen if you’re always curling up with your smartphone?

Snake plants are able to tackle all the bad waves away! Can you believe it?

Let me tell you a story about Josh..

Since I was a kid I love playing video games

I become so addicted to it and i can stop playing!

It is so fun and  I am blessed that my parents…

…allowed me to enjoy the video games all day!

They said that I am a nice kid, every time I play with my computer.

After a time passed by, I still love playing video games..

New games keep coming every year and it makes me ..

…and my friends become closer than ever.

Video games wave
credits : canva.com

Other than the video games, I like the TV to accompany me..

… every time I get on my bed to sleep. It sounds like a lullaby…

Sometimes I feel weird because I constantly feel tired and sleepy…

..even after 8 hours of sleep. But I never tell anyone..

…that I often feel sick, fatigued, and even migraine.

Most of the time I never complained to anyone,

New challenges in the game sometimes ditch it away..

..but this time it feels like my head is going to explode….

It begins to eat my head, and the pain is unbearable!

I run to my mother to seek a help..

..she panicked, rushed me to one of the eye centers in town..

Turns out I have glaucoma and one of my eyes is blind..

Doctors says it’s probably because my eyes are so tense..

..for most of the time. The blindness is not able to be reversed.

A little bit dramatic isn’t it? But it’s true! Eye strain could cause serious health damage.

However, we are here to tell you a secret. Do you know that there are..

some plants that could reduce electronic waves?

Do you know what kind of plant is that? One of the marvelous plants is snake plants!

How come a plant could rid all the bad things all at once? Do you feel curious about the plant?

Let’s discover it together, shall we?

Discover Snake Plants

Ditch waves with snake plants!
Credits: designed by Dina

In Asia and Africa, the Sansevieria trifasciata is a common houseplant.

The evergreen sword-shaped leaves that grow upright might be seen as artificial foliage.

Snake plants are easy to care for, are pleasing to the eye, and require little water to survive.

Despite being relatively safe, these plants are mildly toxic if consumed.

If you eat large quantities of their leaves it can cause swelling.

It’s a good idea to keep this plant away from children and pets.

The most common snake plant foliage presents as slender,

green leaves with grey or dark green horizontal streaks.

This plant can grow several feet tall. Even though…

…they prefer warmer weather, it also grows well in low-light areas.

Get the Bad Waves Out Of Your House!

We’re so getting used to living with electronics around us..

..without knowing that every device exists in our house transmitted..

..a wave called as electromagnetic waves.

Have you ever sleeping with your TV or your other devices on…

…and then feel dizzy the next day, or still feel tired after sleeping?

Bad waves cause headaches
Credits: designed by Dina

According to researchers, wireless phones and other devices can cause headaches, brain tumors, and other health problems, with young children being at greatest risk.

Anthony B. Miller & colleagues – Medical Expert of Frontiers in Public Health

Knowing the facts from the scientists, do you still want to curl up..

..in your bed with your lovely smartphone now?

As you have already know the snake plants..

..can absorb the electronic waves coming from your devices,

You might be thinking.

Where Should I Put The Snake Plants?

The snake plants are proven to absorb electronic waves that might harm your body

It’s also known to absorb many toxins and pollutants in the air…

..for all day! So what are you worrying about?

Here are top 3 recommendations to put your snake plants inside the house :

  • Bedroom
  • Entrance Door
  • Living Room
Ditch bad waves in the bedroom
Credits: snakeplantcare.com

You might want it to be everywhere in your house…

..on the other hand, you have to take care of the plant well…

..in order for it to give the benefits right back to you.

As we all know, we tend to have our smartphones on our hands…

..at all time. To put the plant in the bedroom is to prevent the bad waves…

..creeping out to your dreams and makes you feel unwell in the morning.

The snake plant is famous for bringing you luck! That’s why we want..

..to greet the luck by the door. Furthermore, it filtered the air and…

…it will make your lungs healthier.

Here comes the interesting part!

How Does The Plant Filter The Wave?

Electromagnetic waves don’t need any physical medium to reach the target.

For example on devices such as Wi-fi, microwave, and many more are captured…

…by the intended devices in split second without any medium.

Therefore, we have to understand that there are 3 ways of waves to transfer :

  • Absorb
  • Vibrate
  • Release

The snake plant are able to absorb electromagnetic waves from devices…

all around u and then it releases a non-harmful wave!

As amazing as it sounds like the snake plants also able to absorb..

…pollutants on the air, not just carbon dioxide…

…but also harmful toxins such as benzene…

Other Benefit Of Having A Snake Plant At Home

Snakes are well-known for their capacity to aid in the removal..

…of harmful contaminants from the air. Cancer-causing chemicals can…

…be absorbed by snake plants, but only in little doses.

Snake plants have the ability to absorb and remove toxic substances,

giving them effective protection against allergies in the air.

It Absorbs CO2 In The Night

It’s a source of consternation and skepticism because snake plants,

like any other plant, consistently emit oxygen at night.

We can’t uncover any solid proof to back this up. Snake plants, on the other hand,

do reduce CO2 levels even at night.

The ability to accomplish a certain sort of photosynthesis is due…

…to Crassulacean Acid Metabolism (CAM). Drought-tolerant,

…dry-climate plants, such as succulents, are examples of CAM plants.

In hot weather, they open their stomata in the evening to reduce water loss.

It Is Effective Against Allergies

A plant that generates oxygen, reduces CO2, and absorbs hazardous…

…volatile organic compounds can dramatically reduce airborne allergies.

The snake plant is one of these plants. Having indoor plants around you can…

…help even if you use air filters and purifiers.

Feng Shui and Protective Energy The snake plant is seen to be a bad feng shui…

…plant by some. It’s the polar opposite of the truth. It gives protecting and cleansing..

….energy to the house or business when placed in the proper position.

Almost there!

Let’s Sum It Up!

Snake plants are able to absorb electromagnetic waves..

..that is transmitted by devices all around us.

The plant absorb the wave and transform it into..

..a non-harmful wave that’s beneficial for our body

Finally, The Conclusion!

Now that you know that the snake plants can tackle the bad waves..

Do you want to keep one?

You can look up for more updates and tips about snake plants..

…and other gardening tips on our website!

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