Best 6×3 Resin Storage Shed by Keter: Review Product

Increase your outdoor storage options with this compact shed from Keter’s Factor series. The Factor 6×3 Resin Storage Shed is the ideal option for people with limited yard space thanks to its small dimensions, but its interior is surprisingly spacious. In our blog, you can find the best resin storage sheds.

You can easily store your lawnmower, patio furniture, pool toys, grilling supplies, gardening tools, and other home stuff.

In this article, we will discuss the 6×3 Resin Storage Shed from Keter.

Keter 6×3 Resin Storage Shed

6x3 resin storage shed

Take advantage of our strong, weatherproof storage shed kit to enhance your purchase.

This adaptable outdoor storage option has a solid resin construction and a long-lasting powder coat finish.

You’ll find it simple to store patio furniture, garden tools, bikes, beach chairs, and push lawn mowers thanks to the three doors and six distinct compartments. Each storage space is 30.25L × 20.75W x 22.5H inches in size.

Small goods like umbrellas, bicycles, beach chairs, and patio tables may all be stored in this container due to its convenient proportions. The storage shed can be put together quickly and easily thanks to the accompanying components.

The Keter Factor 6×3 Storage Shed

You have a lot of storage possibilities with this compact shed from The Factor, which doesn’t take up much yard space.

Due to its small size, you can store anything, including pool toys and grilling and patio furniture accessories. Additionally, The Factor sheds have unexpectedly large interiors.

With only 70 inches wide by 44.5 inches tall on the outside, you can easily squeeze this shed into compact places. Additionally, you won’t trip over the entrance because of its distinctive design. The front door opens internally, making it simple to enter and exit.

About The Item

  • Internal dimensions are 64 in. W x 39 in. D x 78. 5 in. H. External dimensions are 70 in.
  • 110 cubic feet of storage space. LARGE CAPACITY.
  • RESIN CONSTRUCTION: Made of polypropylene resin plastic and steel reinforced for longevity, this item never needs to be painted and won’t peel, rot, or rust.
  • DURABLE: Will not peel, rot, or rust; weather-resistant, waterproof, and UV protected
    Skylight to let in natural light and vents for air circulation. LIGHT & AIRY
    VERSATILE: Use as a push lawn mower storage shed, bike storage, yard tool shed, garden tool shed, and patio furniture storage shed.

What Makes it Special

Lockable for Added Safety

Start here with a lockable door for peace of mind. You can store your items securely by simply adding your own padlock to the container.


Items housed in this well-designed storage shed receive plenty of fresh air while being shielded from the weather thanks to the 3-D tile roof’s strategically positioned vents.

Options for Shelving

has shelf brackets so you may add your own shelves by including some plywood. Keep the smaller outdoor tools off the ground and arranged on a shelf so that they are safe.

Natural Light from Skylights

Bring on the bright and fresh and wave goodbye to the gloomy and musty! There is a skylight built in, so there is a ton of natural light.

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So what do you think about the items above? Do you want to buy it? You can find products from Keter easily on Amazon. Don’t forget to read our guides before buying a resin storage shed.

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