Keep Your Plants Alive By Adding Compost: Learn How To Apply It (2021)

Adding Compost Is A Must

Adding compost to container plants to give them a good supply of nutrients. Once you understand how to do it, it’s simple. Compost can be added to container plants when the potting soil is being prepared before planting. Compost can be mixed with potting soil in a ratio of 25% to 50%. Once the plant has grown, you can add compost to the top of the soil. Compost can be added to container plants once a month. Let’s learn more about how to adding compost in the right way.

Pick The Best Time To Adding Compost To Potting Soil

Some individuals prefer to do this in the spring when they are starting a new batch of plants. However, I don’t believe there is a specific moment when this should be done. When you’re preparing the potting soil for the plant, it’s the optimum time to add compost. And, as the plant needs nutrients, add a little compost every few weeks. The nutrients and helpful organisms provided by the compost you added to the potting soil will benefit the plant. However, because to the watering, the nutrients will only last around 6 weeks before they are depleted or leached away.

Don’t Do This

I would not suggest adding compost to the top of the soil until the plant has grown to a height of a few inches. I would also avoid adding compost if there is a likelihood of rain because the compost would be washed away. It’s preferable to add the compost to the potting soil in the morning before watering the plant. The nutrients will then permeate into the potting soil as a result of the watering.

Make The Schedule To Adding Compost

I recommend adding compost to the top of the potting soil once a month if you’re growing resource-hungry plants like veggies. You don’t need to apply compost as frequently if you’re cultivating flowering plants. During the growing season, you can add it up to three times. Because compost tea is diluted, you can add it to the potting soil on a regular basis. When watering the plant, add a few spoons to the watering can. Check the potting soil bag to see if it already has compost or fertilizer in it. If it does, at least when preparing the potting soil, you may not need to add the compost.

Choose The Best Ratio Of Compost

When preparing the potting soil for your container plants, I recommend adding 25 percent to 50 percent compost. This ratio will provide the plants with enough nutrients and beneficial organisms to last a few weeks.

Pick The Compost Use For Potted Plants

Use compost that has been strained through a screen, if possible. This compost will be in the form of a fine powder that will easily mix with the potting soil. A mesh hardware cloth can be attached to a wooden frame to create a screen like this. The compost should then be sifted through it. You don’t want the compost to clump together in the potting soil and not disperse evenly. The fertilizers will not be distributed evenly enough for the container plants. The compost you made yourself is the best compost to use. You’ll know exactly what organic materials you utilized, and they’ll be top-notch.

Last Words

Most people, however, will not have space or time to manufacture their own compost, so purchasing some from a store is OK. However, make sure it has some sort of quality certification to ensure that it gives your plants with the nutrients they require.

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