Houseplant Symbolism: The Amazing Meaning Behind Your Snake Plants (2021)

Before we discuss the amazing meaning behind your snake plants, let’s find out why people start to give house plant as gifts. Consider giving houseplants as an alternative to flowers on Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries. The gift of a houseplant with a special meaning is something your loved one will treasure for a long time. The red rose symbolizes love, which is probably why Valentine’s Day and other special occasions are dominated by red roses.

The meaning of flowers was a huge custom during Victorian times, and everyone carried around small bouquets of flowers called Tussie Mussies. You can show someone how much you care by giving them flowers that have special meanings. But what about the symbolism surrounding plants in general, particularly houseplants? Wouldn’t it be great if flowers were replaced with plants, which would be more lasting, and may even last for years? The plants on this list represent a variety of different meanings, but this list should help you choose a gift for your next special occasion.


It is believed that lavender symbolizes love and devotion. French lavender is a soft lavender that makes a wonderful indoor plant. You can smell the sweet scent every time you brush up against the foliage.


There is no real difficulty in growing orchids, especially Phalaenopsis. It takes a long time for the blooms to fade. A plant can last years longer than any cut flower, certainly longer than any cut flower. Choose a plant that has some buds on it.


Aloe plants are extremely easy to grow. The likelihood is that you have an aloe plant in your house. The perfect burn cream for the kitchen. In South Africa, it is often displayed above homes’ entrances for good luck. 


Whether it be Marimo moss balls or Irish moss, having some of this in your home is said to bring prosperity and wealth.


This plant is often referred to as “Lucky Bamboo” in Chinese culture, and the more stalks it has, the greater its blessing. This easy to grow plant can be found at most large retailers and big box stores.


Several varieties of sage can be grown outdoors, and most varieties will return after a cold winter. Sage derives from the Latin salvere, meaning “to feel well and healthy. In addition, home grow lights and well lit window sills are ideal places to grow this revered herb.


As rosemary is a perennial herb, it gets cold in winter, and so in cold climates it must be brought inside. It often comes to mind the famous quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “There’s rosemary, that’s for memory.” This plant also represents longevity and health.


Growing lemon trees in the home is thought to bring longevity; they are wonderful plants to have around the house. Meyer Lemon trees are amazing and they bear wonderful fruit every year. Let’s move to another amazing meaning behind your snake plants. 

Snake Plant

Known as Snake Plants and Mother-in-law Plants, Sansevierias have thick long leaves that are best for removing pollutants from the air. It doesn’t need much water and thrives in low light, which makes it the perfect houseplant. Snake plants represent good health.

Where Should I Place My Snake Plant?

In a house, the best location for a snake plant is in the hall or bedroom, where it gets sun for two to five hours a day as this plant tolerates this amount of sunlight without harming its leaves. If they are getting indirect sunlight from windows, growing them in a corner also works. It is ideal to have a temperature of 51 degrees F or more in most rooms.

Snake Plants Help You Sleep

It is true that snake plants will help you sleep better at night as they will increase the oxygen level around the bedroom, which makes you calm and relaxed and your mind will be de-stressed. As well as eliminating bad air pollutants such as formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and toluene, it also removes chemical air that is bad for human health.


Last but not least, oregano is one of the best herbs for cooking. Growing it indoors under good light conditions and with well draining soil conditions is known as the herb of happiness. Some say marjoram is derived from the Greek word meaning ‘joy of the mountain’. That makes me quite happy.


Now that you know the amazing meaning behind your snake plants, let’s move to the last houseplant you can give as a gift: daffodils. Daffodils in spring bring happiness to everyone with their bright yellow color. It is easy to grow them, and they aren’t bothered by deer. It is said that planting a pot of daffodils will ensure happiness. Once the flowers fade, you can plant the bulbs in the garden next year. Using a houseplant as a symbol of your love makes it more fun to tell someone that you care. Several of these houseplant symbols have more than one meaning, but the proverbial quote “it’s the thought that counts” is true. 

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