Amazing Snake Plants Varieties To Brighten Up Your Place! Number 4 Is The Tallest! (2021)

Need Suggestions The Snake Plants Varieties!

Snake plants (genus sansevieria) come in a variety of colors and can be used as houseplants. Snake plants varieties, sometimes known as viper’s bowstring hemp or mother-in-tongue, law’s are fantastic houseplants that complement your home decor. Sansevieria is made up of approximately 70 different species. These are flowering plants in the Sansevieria genus and the Asparagaceae plant family. Because of their long leaves and tapered ends, snake plants varieties are colloquially known as snake plants.

Why Snake Plants Are Good For Us?

Sansevierias thrive in harsh conditions, which is one of the reasons to cultivate them indoors. These snake plants are low-maintenance and can add a splash of green and yellow to your home’s decor. Growing a snake plant indoors has several advantages, one of which is its ability to filter certain toxins from the air.

So, All Snake Plants Varieties Are Called Snake Plants?

Other forms of snake plants have different common names depending on the variation. The Sansevieria trifasciata, for example, is known as mother-in-tongue law’s. It gets its name from the long and pointy leaves of the plant. Because its fibers are strong enough to manufacture bowstrings, this sansevieria species is also known as viper’s bowstring hemp. Let’s dive in one by one!

Sansevieria Trifasciata Futura Superba

One of snake plants varieties for your place is this. Sansevieria ‘Futura Superba’ has variegated leaves that are shorter and wider. Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Futura Superba’ lives up to its name. With bright green foliage and golden yellow border, this variegated variety looks like a miniature version of the ‘Black Gold’ snake plant. The leaves of this trifasciata species are shorter and wider than those of the ‘Black Gold’ species. This mother-in-tongue law’s has brightly colored green variegated leaves that grow straight and tall. The ‘Futura Superba’ snake plant is ideal for use as a houseplant in areas with little light and limited space.

Sansevieria Cleopatra

The small leaves of Sansevieria ‘Cleopatra’ have lovely patterns. One of snake plants varieties, with its lovely patterns on succulent leaves, is one of the most appealing types. On a bright green background, the leaves have a crisscross of dark green lines. The rippling margins, which are emphasized by a reddish-brown stripe, add to its charm. Another appealing aspect of this sansevieria species is its perfect rosette pattern. Because this snake plant succulent only grows to about 11″ (27 cm) in height, it can be placed almost anywhere in a room, office, or patio.

Starfish Sansevieria

Starfish sansevieria has thick, cylindrical gray-green leaves. The snake plants varieties have a species of sansevieria with spike-shaped tubular leaves. This snake plant cultivar is distinguished by its grayish-green color and bands of deeper green lines around the leaves, sometimes known as cylindrical snake plant or starfish sansevieria. The cylindrical fleshy container varies in size depending on the container size.

Sansevieria Trifasciata Laurentii

Sansevieria ‘Laurentii’ is a tall cultivar with variegated leaves. The cultivar ‘Laurentii’ is one of the tallest snake plants varieties. The leaves of this snake plant are tall and elegantly variegated yellow and green. Stripy patterns run the length of the grayish-green leaves. This sansevieria varietal has a yellow band along the length of the’snake’ leaves, giving it beauty and grace. This striped snake plant will grow to be between 2 and 4 feet (60 – 120 cm) tall. This hardy leafy plant thrives in a variety of environments. It is a good type of tropical houseplant to place in corners where some height is required due to its tall-growing nature.

Sansevieria Ballyi

This is a type of snake plants varieties with dwarf and patterned leaves that are narrow. The dwarf sansevieria ‘Ballyi’ is a wonderful choice if you’re seeking for a little sansevieria variation. Beautiful variegated narrow tapered leaves grow 4” (10 cm) long and only 6” (15 cm) tall on the sansevieria ballyi. These succulent leaves form a rosette pattern and have light-yellow and pale green bands that make an eye-catching display. This dwarf sansevieria will occasionally produce white/pink blossoms.

Sum Up

That’s all! We would like to suggest to you those five attractive snake plants varieties to brighten up your place! Hope you have one of those at home right now! Also, they are really low maintenance. No worries at all. What’s your snake plants varieties? Tell us in the comment below!

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