Top 3 Best Cordless Lawn Mower Brands You Should Check Out!

Best cordless lawn mower brands
Here are some of the best cordless lawn mower brands out there.
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Many people are opting to use electric lawn mowers nowadays.

With its easy maneuverability, less maintenance needs, and quieter work noise, it is worth all the hype.

Cordless lawn mowers, especially, are something a lot of people have considered buying.

Such as Margaret, who has been using one for some time.

Here is what she said:

I used to trip over the cord of my previous lawn mower when mowing my yard.

It became such an annoying thing that I bought a new one — cordless this time.

It was such a worldchanger.

I no longer need to maneuver my leg and avoid the cord, because there isn’t any!

Margaret, Iowa

If you are currently looking for cordless lawn mower, we will lay down the best cordless lawn mower brands which you should check out below.

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Best Cordless Lawn Mower Brands

Cordless lawn mowers are easier to use, easier to maneuver around the garden, and require less maintenance and servicing than corded and petrol lawn mowers.

They are lighter and more compact than conventional fuel ones.

They are also silent and emission-free since they run on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that charges quickly and maintains power during storage.

If you are interested in learning more about cordless lawn mowers’ pros and cons against corded ones, check out the article we have here.

Here are the brands which manufactures some of the most famous and great cordless lawn mowers.


Ego is considered the number one brand for cordless outdoor tools, and this includes lawn mowers.

Ego is the next generation of cordless outdoor power tools.

It prides itself in atented battery technology which delivers gas power and performance, as well as longer run times.

One of the best product by Ego is the Ego Power Plus LM2142SP lawn mower.

Coincidentally, we also reviewed that here, so be sure to check that out.


WORX specializes in lawn & garden equipment, as well as power tools, which are built on a platform of innovation, power & performance.

They manufacture trimmers, mowers, chainsaws, drills & more.

One of the best purchase you can make from Worx is the Worx 40V lawn mower and trimmer power share combo.


Although Gardena is known for some of its innovative robotic lawn mowers, this brand is also well-known for the cordless ones.

One of the best products from Gardena is the battery-powered PowerMax.

Perfect lawnmowing, efficient collection.

With their PowerMax lawn mowers your lawn is mowed cleanly and the cut grass is collected efficiently.


Greenworks is passionate about offering exceptional, cutting-edge, and environmentally responsible battery-powered solutions.

Greenworks tools use best-in-class technology to give equivalent gas-powered tool power and performance without the mess, toxic fumes, stamina-reducing vibration, or noise that comes with gas-powered items.

One of the best products from them is the Greenworks 25223 Cordless Lawn Mower.

Sum Up

There has never been a better time to think about enhancing your collection of outdoor gear with a battery-powered push lawn mower.

Cordless, battery-powered push mowers have gained popularity as a result of increased consumer demand.

As we’ve already established, there are a variety of cordless lawn mowers available, and deciding which one to buy will primarily depend on your preferences, the size of your lawn, and a number of other considerations.

Take some time to review the characteristics of the model you’re considering buying before making your decision to ensure that it will serve your needs.

Let us know below if one of these cordless lawn mower recommendations strike your interest.

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