The Best Houseplant According To Vastu Shastra: The Snake Plant Is The First On The List! (2022)

As the best houseplant according to Vastu Shastra, 

snake plants have many benefits according to Vastu..

…as they emit positive energy, and according to NASA,

they can remove four dangerous toxins from the air…

…that can cause sick buildings.

In addition to promoting healthy oxygen flow,

…the indoor plant also reduces stress

…and creates a peaceful ambiance inside the bedroom.

Vastu Direction For Snake Plant

For Snake Plant Vastu to yield all these benefits,

..the direction is extremely important.

As per Vastu, Snake Plants should be situated in the eastern,

..southern, or south-eastern corners of your home.

Placement above any surface or table is prohibited,

…as is enclosing the plant by any other plant.

Any Snake Plant Disadvantage In Vastu?

Snake Plants have no disadvantages,

…however, some people believe the plant brings bad luck

…and generates unwanted energy.

However, Vastu Shastra proves otherwise

…and recommends that snake plants be placed in homes.

The Best Houseplant Alternatives

If you have no way to get the best houseplant according to Vastu Shastramore…

…aka snake plants,(but actually you can buy one from the store

…or propagate them), you can also grow these following plants as companion or alternative plants. 

Let’s get into it!

Money Plant

Best houseplant according to vastu shastra

The leaves of this tropical creeper have a heart-shaped shape..

…and are characterized by a lush green color.

As per Vastu principles, this plant should be placed..

…at either the right or left side of the bedroom.

Money plant should not be placed under any object in the room.

If possible, place it near either the footrest or the headrest.

In addition, it will reduce the stress aura from the room..

…if it is placed at sharp corners of the bedroom.

Furthermore, to purify the air in the room,

…this plant also promotes the growth of healthy bacteria.

Bamboo Plant

Best houseplant according to vastu shastra

Indoor plants like the bamboo plant are perfect…

…for removing negative energy from the room.

It is often cited as a symbol of the ultimate balance..

…between the universe and the human mind.

If you wish to grow this plant, place it in the southeast corner..

…of your house or in the corner of your bedroom.

It requires very little maintenance. Bamboo plants with 10 stalks are said to bring prosperity,

…wealth, and good fortune according to Vastu principles.

Peace Lily

Best houseplant according to vastu shastra

 A Peace Lily is a stunning indoor plant that reminds us of the beauty of nature.

A beautiful contrast of green leaves and white blooms…

…makes it a global favorite.

Vastu and science recommend this little indoor plant for air purification.

You should place this plant near the window of your bedroom…

..or bathroom in order to attract tranquility, peace, and good luck.

Jasmine Plant

Best houseplant according to vastu shastra

 There is no doubt that everyone knows and loves the heart-wrenching,

sheer scent of the Jasmine floral. My bedroom..

…is always filled with its pleasant scent and everyone enjoys it.

The plants in this beautiful indoor plant will allow you to sleep soundly…

…and relax at night. The indoor plant does not require strict care

…and can be easily maintained by simply keeping it in the pot.

A window sill is the best place to place this plant for maximum effect.

These are the best houseplant according to Vastu Shastra..

…that you should place inside your house.

Check out the Vastu guidelines for plants to ensure…

…that they are placed and directed properly.

The placement of the plants is not the only thing you need to consider.

You should also check the Vastu for the bathroom fittings

…and your bedroom fixtures and position the plants accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions Around Choosing the Right Houseplant according to Vastu Shastra

As we all know, plants are the best way to purify and energize our indoor spaces.

In order to make sure that our plants are in the best condition possible…

…it’s important to choose the right kind of plant according to vastu shastra.

This section will help you choose the right houseplant according to vastu shastra…

…based on your specific needs and requirements.

So be sure to read on to learn more!

How do I choose the right houseplant for my home based on its corresponding Vastu number?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question…

…as the right plant for each individual home may vary…

…depending on its corresponding Vastu number.

However, some tips on choosing a plant based on its Vastu number…

…include considering the plant’s size, shape, and placement in the home.

Additionally, homeowners can consult with a professional Vastu consultant…

…to help them choose the best plant for their home.

What are the different types of houseplants that are considered in Vastu Shastra?

There are nine types of plants that are considered in Vastu shastra…

…aloe vera, bougainvillea, ferns, geraniums, lilies, orchids, peace lily, and yucca.

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