The Best Plants That Suit Your Bathroom #2 (2021)

This article is a continuation of the best plants that suit your bathroom. Have you decided to get one for your bathroom? Actually, there are quite a few options when it comes to choosing one. However, you should choose based on the bathroom condition. For example, you need to choose the right plant for low light, high humidity, or a lot of space depends on the condition of the space. In low light environments, the best plants include the aloe vera, the bamboo, the orchid, the snake plant, and the spider plant.

Here are several plants that best for the bathroom environment:

Heartleaf Philodendron

Plants such as the Heartleaf Philodendron can still be placed in a bathroom with little or no natural light. It is a trailing plant with heart-shaped leaves that can be hung in a basket or placed along with a fence post. They love humidity and thrive in bathrooms. When the humidity is good, they will grow bigger when watered regularly. Spider plants and philodendrons are known for their air-purifying properties. It’s a great option if you need a plant to keep in the shower!

Oh, there is one thing to keep in mind when it comes to choose best plants that suit your bathroom. It’s also important to consider where these plants will be placed. Countertops are a good option. Small plants will benefit from this. Alternatively, you can hang them on the wall, or place them next to the tub, on the windowsill, on a shelf or in a corner. It is now up to you to select the plant you want to include in your bathroom décor.

The Aloe (Aloe Vera)

Aloe plants look best near windows, but not directly in the sun. You can display their shape with transparent containers; any free corner or surface will work, just as long as it has some sunlight . Aloe Vera is a succulent plant that is widely grown as an ornamental. As the alow plant does need some sunlight, too much sunlight will make it burn, which makes it an excellent choice for a bathroom plant. The humidity should be adequate for it to grow since it does not need a lot of water to survive.

The Bamboo Plant (Bambuseae)

By placing the plant by the window, it will grow towards the light. Because Bamboo is relatively tall, you will need to find a place in your home for it. Bamboos are some of the fastest growing plants in the world, so keep this in mind if you decide to use it as an ornamental plant. There’s plenty of space for plants in small bathrooms if you keep the décor simple. It is possible to control the growth of bamboo plants. A physical barrier could surround them, for instance. Their shape can also be controlled and all sorts of interesting designs can be created.


Ferns fit right in with any bathroom, as you can see in the photos. Providing a little comfort, air purification, and humidity creation, ferns make the perfect companion when you’re on a relaxing soak in the tub.

Snake Plant

The snake plant, also known as Mother-in-law’s tongue, is a great bathroom plant. We can say that this is the final boss on this list of best plants that suit your bathroom. Having a preference for steamy, humid conditions and an ability to thrive in low light, it is also a fantastic air purifier, known for filtering out formaldehyde, commonly found in bathroom products. Also, its long, vertical leaves mean it won’t compete for shelf space on your bathroom shelf.

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