Know The Best Snake Plants: Suggestions To Add Your Houseplants Collection (2021)

Snake Plants Features

Choose your own best snake plants! Snake plant is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a low-maintenance houseplant. Because of its adaptability to a wide range of growing situations, this hardy indoor is still popular today — generations of gardeners have named it a favorite. The leaves of most snake plants are rigid, upright, sword-like, and may be banded or edged with gray, silver, or gold. The architectural character of the snake plant makes it a perfect fit for modern and contemporary interior designs. It’s one of the most beautiful houseplants you’ll ever see!

Fun Fact

Botanists have changed the name of the snake plant from Sansevieria to Dracaena. Despite the fact that its scientific name is Dracaena trifasciata, most plant parents still refer to it as a Sansevieria. Note that in some frost-free areas, the snake plants can be invasive when planted outside; check local laws before picking the best snake plants. Let’s go deeper into the best snake plants below!

Best Snake Plants

Snake plants can be grown in almost every room of the house. Snake plant thrives best in bright light, though it can withstand dim light. Isn’t easy? So, let us tell you about our best snake plants version.

Sansevieria Bantel’s Sensation

The patented Bantel’s Sensation snake plant has excellent thin, dark green leaves that are gracefully variegated with cream and white stripes. It reaches a height of 36 inches and is just as easy to care for as other snake plant kinds.

Black Gold Snake Plant

One of the best houseplants of all time is Black Gold. It features dark green leaves that are stiff and straight, with gold edges.

Black Robusta Snake Plant

Sansevieria Trifasciata Black Robusta is a drought-tolerant, hardy plant with long, broad leaves that is sometimes mistaken for Sansevieria Black Coral. The dark green leaves of the Black Robusta snake plant are speckled with silver.

Cylindrica Snake Plant

Sansevieria Cylindrica is an evergreen perennial native to Angola. What makes these curious-looking succulents noteworthy is their peculiar, round-shaped leaves that develop from a basal rosette.

Futura Robusta

The lovely huge twisted narrow leaves of the Futura Robusta Snake Plant are grayish green in color with spectacular dark green variegation and tinges of silver all year. The blossoms aren’t particularly attractive.

Futura Superba

Sansevieria “Futura Superba” is easily distinguished from other Sansevieria beauties by its wide, short sword-shaped leaves that grow in the shape of a rosette and dark green color with golden margins.

Golden Hahnii

Bird’s Nest Snake Plant Hahnii is a small variety. Its dark, glossy leaves are funnel-shaped and form an attractive rosette of lush succulent foliage with broad creamy-yellow edges. Sansevieria can adapt to a variety of light situations, although the colors are best in strong, filtered light.

Golden Flame Snake Plant

The new growth on the Golden Flame snake plant is a beautiful golden-yellow color. The leaves turn a deep, dark green as they develop.

Moonshine Snake Plant

This resilient indoor plant has silvery green foliage and is one of the most gorgeous types. It looks extremely attractive when combined with snake plant types with black leaves!

Whitney Snake Plant

Last, the best snake plants as our version! Whitney is a dwarf type with dark green leaves with silvery-green edges and light green stripes that are variegated.

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