How To Cut Dead Snake Plant Leaves? Amazing Tips You Need To Know (2021)

If you let it, snake plants can reach heights of well over 4 feet,

…and the plant will spread outwards as new leaves sprout from the rhizome beneath the earth.

You need to cut dead snake plant leaves.

You may need to tidy things up at some point,

…and knowing how to prune a snake plant correctly is essential..

…for keeping your plant healthy and attractive.

Let’s hear it from Ella!

Dead snake plants

I just started to equip a snake plant on my crib.

It has been a wonderful companion for the first months.

However, I find out that it becomes droopy from time to time.

Now I just encounter that some of the leaves are dead and brown.

What should i do now? Will it survive if I cut them off?

Are you as curious and confused as Ella?

Now let’s find out…

How To Cut Dead Snake Plant Leaves

Dead snake plants

Examine the plant for signs of injury or illness.

To improve the appearance of your snake plant, prune it to restore its shape,

…lower its size, and restore its shape. Cut selected leaves off at the soil line using a sharp,

…sterile pair of pruners or a sharp knife. Damaged…

…and adult leaves should be removed first, followed by fresh growth.

When To Cut Dead Snake Plant Leaves

Snake plants are known for their hardiness and sluggish growth,

….so they will likely tolerate trimming at any time of year.

However, it is preferable to prune your plant when it is actively developing,

…particularly in spring or early summer,

…to give it the best chance of prospering after pruning.

Pruning a snake plant causes it to get stressed, therefore if your snake plant is sick,

…it’s best to improve general care first, encourage some new healthy growth,

…and then prune your snake plant to aid speedy recovery.

Why Pruning Snake Plant Leaves

Although snake plants do not require as much pruning as other plants,

…there is the primary reason why you should prune yours on a regular basis.

To Remove Dead Snake Plant

Snake plant leaves are a fascinating characteristic,

…and individual leaves can last for years.

Any damage that occurs on them, on the other hand, remains on the leaves indefinitely.

Minor lapses in maintenance, such as too much sun, too much water,

…or an insect infestation, can result in damaged leaves that become ugly over time.

Thankfully, you can restore the beautiful looks of your snake plant by clipping off..

…any leaves that are beginning to appear a touch unattractive,

…and new, perfectly shaped leaves will shoot up to replace them if you take proper care of it.

How To Cut Dead Snake Plant

Dead snake plants

Pruning a snake plant is a straightforward procedure.

Begin by examining your plant for health, shape, and size.

Consider the shape and size of the snake plant you want at the end of the process.

This will assist you in determining which leaves to prune.

Equipment To Cut Dead Snake Plant

Thankfully, not much. This is what I use to keep things as simple as possible.

Pruners or scissors, as well as a sharp knife.

For this work, I normally prepare a knife as well as a pair of scissors or pruners,

…because the knife helps me cut the leaves off just at the soil line,

…and the scissors or pruners make it easier to prune leaves in the plant’s center.

Even if your instruments appear to be in good aesthetic condition,

…sanitize them with rubbing alcohol or hot water.

When pruning your houseplants, make sure your equipment are sterile…

…because it’s quite easy to carry illness from one plant to the next.

To prune your snake plant, choose a clean surface with lots of room.

Pruning can be a messy process because you will most likely disturb…

…part of the soil and will be left with a lot of clipped leaves at the end.

A clean bench or kitchen counter will suffice, but if you’re trimming your snake pant…

…on a surface that can stain or be harmed, lay down a couple sheets of newspaper first.


There you go!

We hope these information prove to be useful for you and your snake plants.

There are many other reasons why your snake plants could be dead: they could be overwatered, their root rotting, or even frozen.

Make sure to always keep an eye on your snake plants so they won’t have to die!

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