The FBGA.net previously is a site of non-profit community gardens located in Floyd Bennett Field. Now FBGA.net or now AllThingsGardener remains the same.

We are open to all residents of NYC regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability. Garden plots are assigned on a first come first serve basis based on the postmarked date of the application. A waiting list is maintained and applicants are contacted when there is a spot available. Only one plot per family may be assigned in any year.

FBGA.net itself also provides some information about gardening by conducting regular workshops every year starting from 2013. They also have an annual newsletter that they have published from 2009 until 2017. Which articles provide us with new insights about gardening. They have a monthly article that they publish every month in a newsletter format, where the newsletter contains reports on community events and guides on matters related to gardening, such as how to determine the right soil for the plants you want to plant and that was a good source for someone who need to search a good and legit resources.

Which makes it the same with AllThingsGardener.com which focuses on gardening as well but in a specific type of plant, which is succulent. At AllThingsGardener, we focus more on the topic of succulents, because in terms of care, this succulent plant is stronger in extreme conditions, and easy to care for, but of course it’s not as easy as you think. As a gardener, you definitely want to see the plants you care for grow fresh and healthy without any problems, but don’t worry about that. In here you will know the answer for it.

Why do we need a guide to have a good long and long life succulent? Cause having an succulent plant is not easy as you look Succulents are incredible plants that can withstand a lot of abuse. They are prized for their beauty and one-of-a-kind characteristics. They can thrive for long periods of time with little care if given the right environment. They are not immune to problems, however, and can show signs that they require a change.

Here in AllThingsGardener, we have a lot of tips for all of you. We empower you with the most up-to-date information on how to make a dream garden, starting from finding suitable soil for plants, how to provide good nutrition for plants, to choosing the right lighting for plants so they can grow properly, good and healthy!