Amazing Fertilizers To Feed Snake Plant! (2021)

Fertilizer to feed snake plant
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You may not come across much information on fertilizers when seeking for strategies to keep and care for your snake plant. While snake plants may not require fertilization to feed snake plant to the same extent as other indoor plants, they do benefit from it when nutrients are depleted. Which fertilizers, on the other hand, are best for snake plants? We investigated this and will share the results with you in this post.

There are some quality fertilizers that you can use to feed snake plant.

Fertilizers To Feed Snake Plant

While snake plants do not require fertilizer on a regular basis, they can be extremely beneficial and even vital if your snake plant is suffering from a period of high stress. The best fertilizer for your snake plant is one with a 10-10-10 NPK ratio, while other ratios might also be good. The ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium is known as NPK.

A snake plant can become ill due to poor environmental conditions, necessitating the application of fertilizer to provide it with the nutrients it requires to survive. If you discover evidence of damage to your snake plant, such as curled leaves or random spots, it’s time to explore more.

Perfect Plants Liquid Snake Plant Fertilizer

This liquid snake plant fertilizer can provide your snake plant with the nutrients it requires to recover from its illness. It comes in a refillable bottle and can be used on plants for months after the first application.

To provide your plant the nutrients it requires for the week, you only need to add a small bit of the solution to the water. A teaspoon per gallon of water is more than enough to bring your ill snake plant back to life. This fertilizer can also be used on other succulents that you keep indoors.

Indoor Plant Food Slow-Release Pelletsby Aquatic Arts

Another fertilizers to feed snake plant his Aquatic Arts slow-release plant food works faster than most fertilizers on the market. Despite the fact that it has a 16-5-11 NPK ratio, it is more than capable of reviving your snake plant.

Simply sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon of this solution into the soil while watering adult snake plants. To have the optimum effect, evenly scatter the pellets across the top layer of your soil. The nitrogen in the fertilizer will help the leaves regain their color and vigor, allowing them to stand upright again if they have become droopy.

Lilly Miller 10-10-10 Plant Food

This fertilizer has an NPK of 10-10-10 and can be used on your snake plant as well as any other succulents you have at home. It is effective for snake plants at all phases of development and provides essential amino acids that will revive and restore your plant’s health.

This is the fertilizer to use if you want to rejuvenate your foliage or mend damaged roots. Add one or two ounces of this fertilizer to a gallon of fresh water and mix it in your plant’s soil every two to three weeks to apply it to your plant.

Lebanon Seaboard Fertilizer

Another fantastic 10-10-10 mixture you may use on your sick snake plant is LSC’s No. 40 fertilizer. This formula is ideal since it is gentle enough for newborn plants and has a consistent nutrient delivery for plants of all stages.

You can quickly give your snake plant with phytonutrients, enzymes, and amino acids needed for everyday metabolic processes by mixing 1/4 cup of this fertilizer with the soil of your snake plant. You can also use it to fertilize any exterior trees, shrubs, or flowers.

Jobe’s Houseplant Food Spikes

One of the greatest fertilizers you can get for your snake plant is Jobe’s little food spikes. To assist your snake plant resurrect, you simply need to add one or two spikes to the soil every few weeks. These spikes not only provide your plants the vitamins, trace minerals, and enzymes they require to maintain vitality, but they also speed up the recovery of stressed-out damaged roots.

Southern Ag Fertilizer

Southern Ag’s 10-10-10 fertilizer is an all-purpose fertilizer that can assist your snake plant withstand over-watering and root damage. This is a granular fertilizer that can provide a healthy dosage of phytonutrients and enzymes to your snake plant, which may be required if your plant is suffering from light troubles or fungal diseases. To observe quick effects, apply 1/2 cup of the solution to your plant’s soil every couple of weeks or so.

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