Snake Plants Care 101: What To Do With Flower Stalk Of Snake Plant? (2021)

What to do with flower stalk of snake plant? If the flowers do die back, prune the flower stalks to expose a neater appearance and conserve energy for the plant. Sansevierias don’t die after they bloom. Eventually, the blossoms will turn into orange berries.

What Does It Mean When A Snake Plant Blooming?

A Sansevieria rarely blooms when it is stressed because it is not replanted and becomes rootbound. Snake plants produce stalks with liquid inside of them, which then produce flowers. Snake plant blooms are rare, and one must meet certain conditions for them to appear.

If your snake plant produced the flower, you should be happy that your plant is one of the few that does produce flowers. These flowers are white in color and have a pretty appearance. Just like you, when I saw the flowering at first, I couldn’t comprehend it, but then it bloomed and then my friends and family were shocked because our snake plant has been around for about 2 years and it hadn’t bloomed once, but suddenly it blossomed.

The experiment has been applied by many people to their own snake plants, and for the first two years he didn’t change the pot. However, on the third year, a few stems began to emerge from the snake plant, and he was shocked. As a result, I came to his house to see if the snake plant had bloomed.

How Long The Snake Plant Flower Last

My snake plant flowers for about a month or two, depending on when it blooms for example if it blooms in spring, it could last till mid summer if you are lucky, and you can see the incredible creation of snake plant white blooms longer.

How Do You Get Your Snake Plant To Bloom?

A plant can only flower when it is exposed to sunlight or electric light. When plants do not bloom, most people assume they need to fertilize them. Fertilizer is simply nutrients or vitamins for your snake plants. It doesn’t cause your plant to bloom. Using bloom booster fertilizer is exactly what it is…a booster. This is not a bloom maker. It boosts the bloom color, makes them bigger, and lasts longer… just boosts the blooms. When a plant receives electric light or the sun, it makes food and blooms.

Snake Plant Flower

Now that you have known about what to do with flower stalk of snake plant, do you need further information about the snake plant flower? If you are, let me first tell you about Sansevierias (Mother-in-Law’s Tongue or Viper Bowstring Hemp). The plant has been around for decades and we didn’t realize it can produce flowers until recently. Despite neglect, their leaves continue to grow and show long strappy stems even if you neglect them for some days or weeks. Their low light tolerance allows them to survive in even the darkest conditions. It is often grown indoors to purify the air in rooms. 

It is believed that snake plant flowers or mother in law’s tongue flowers bring good health because they absorb many harmful gases inside the house and make it a healthier environment. It’s rare to find a snake plant bloom that grows on the stalk. In stress conditions Sansevierias produce flowers that resemble lilies, which makes them very eye catching. However, like any plant you find growing in your backyard, it refreshes your mood, makes you happy and enhances the creativity in your mind. A snake flower also adds good aesthetics to the room. Even though flowers have no meaning, it is extremely rare to see them bloom, even research has confirmed this.

Snake plants produce blooms when they are stressed and their roots are bound. A stalk with a small amount of fluid appears first, then 4-6 days later you’ll see a flower. The Sansevieria flower stalk is long and creamy white, just like a lily’s. It usually takes about 2-3 feet for these stalks to reach maturity and begin to bear flowers. There is a smell associated with these blooms, which makes them attractive to pests, which makes it necessary to protect them.

The snake plants only bloom once in 100, as the conditions they are put in make it impossible to get all of them to bloom. I even had root bound plants until I repotted them. It didn’t dawn on me that it would produce flowers when rootbound.

People should not overstress and root-bind their Mother-in-Laws Tongue plants intentionally. There’s a small chance you might kill your plant in this situation. You can repot it, then allow the plants to grow as they grow, then enjoy the fact that more leaves will mean more oxygen production & cleaner air. However, if yours are already blooming, enjoy the beauty of those rare flowers and once it stops blooming, you know what to do with flower stalk of snake plant.

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