How To Grow Snake Plant From Leaves? Superb Guide For Beginner (2021)

Dracaena trifasciata, also known as Sanseveria trifasciata, not only looks spectacular, but it is also capable of removing toxic airborne particles from your home. You can grow snake plant from leaves. This method will allow you to multiply your Snake Plant varieties and you will have Unlimited Snake Plants! The work is difficult, but extremely rewarding.

Several methods can be used to split a snake plant. If you are dividing rhizomes or rooting a cutting, you need to use a potting soil that drains and a planter that does not trap moisture.

Best Time To Grow Snake Plant From Leaves

Snake plants are best propagated in the spring. In the summer and fall, you can also achieve success. Unless you have adequate heating, you should avoid propagating in the winter months. 60°F to 90°F (15 to 33°C) is the ideal temperature range.

Its swordlike, slithering leaves and hardy nature have made snake plants (Dracaena trifasciata) legendary. It thrives in a variety of lighting conditions, requires little water, and is easy to propagate.

Grow Snake Plant From Leaves

A leaf from a snake plant with plenty of healthy leaves can be rooted. Trim the stem as close as possible to the base of the original plant without damaging leaves or other parts of the plant. In the next step, place the cutting in a glass or jar filled with water.  The glass jar should be placed out of direct sunlight or underneath a grow light and the water should be changed every few days after your cutting is in it. Three to four weeks after a leaf is cut, new roots will emerge at the bottom. The roots of the snake plant should be about two inches long when they are potted.

Grow Snake Plant From Leaves in Water

The simplest way to grow snake plants from leaves is this method! Water is an easy way to root its leaf cutting. What You Need: Sharp knife or scissors, Glass jar or vase, Water, Rooting hormone (optional). A healthy grown leaf can be cut off from the base of the soil using a sharp knife. If you want better results, make your cut as sharp and clean as possible.

It enhances success rates by increasing the surface area of the cut edge to the water by making a V-shaped cut in the bottom of the cutting. Rooting hormone can be applied to the leaf-cutting, though it is not required. Put the leaf cutting in a transparent vase or jar and cover it with water, about 25 percent of the way up.

The leaves can be divided into sections if they are large, and then placed in water. Provide plenty of indirect light for the water-grown snake plants. Every couple of days or if the water seems cloudy, change it. It will take around two-three months for the roots to develop. Afterward, you can plant the cutting in soil once the roots have emerged.

Grow Snake Plant From Leaves in Soil

Grass cutter or knife, Succulent mix, or potting mix appropriately sized, and rooting hormone. To harvest a mature leaf, a healthy leaf is cut from the rhizome with a knife or sharp scissors. Leaves should be cut into pieces 4-6 inches long. It’s best to let the leaf pieces sit in water for a couple of days before planting them in the soil.

The cut ends will be protected from rot or fungal infections by performing this step. Set the leaf-cuttings in the container with the mix of cactus or succulents after dipping the bottom ends into the rooting hormone. Pure cocopeat is also suitable for this purpose. In 30-60 days, cuttings begin to grow roots, and leaves begin to grow within six weeks.

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