Ultimate and Amazing Guide To Grow Snake Plant Tall! (2021)

Do you want to grow snake plant tall? It’s the one feature most indoor Snake plants have in common. It is difficult, however, to get a proper height for this plant. Is there a way to accomplish this? Here’s what you need to know.

Why Is My Snake Plant Not Growing Tall?

Let’s start by trying to understand what the cause of this problem is, namely, the Snake plant not growing tall enough. It can have a significant impact on the growth of the plant if the plant doesn’t get enough light. There is a prominent reason for this issue with your Snake plant.

The plant can be hindered by several other factors, as well. It includes the lack of nutrients, irregular watering, soil condition, and pot size. If you don’t handle all of these issues immediately, they can become detrimental. You can learn how to resolve this problem by reading the following section.

Easy Ways To Grow Snake Plant Tall

Here are the suggestions

Provide Direct Sunlight To The Plant

First way to grow snake plant tall is to provide direct sunlight to the plant. In my previous remarks, I mentioned that the lack of sunlight is what causes this problem. When leaves don’t receive the right amount of sunlight, their shape and size are affected. Consequently, the plant appears to have several leaves that are not tall enough.. How can we solve this problem?

Simple as that! Provide the plant with plenty of sunlight. The plant can even be moved outside if you have space on your patio or balcony. The new leaves will start growing after a few weeks.

Place A Light Source On Top Of Your Snake Plant

You don’t have enough space outside your window? It’s no problem! Plants need light from the top, so a light source can be placed on top of them. Plants can also be placed where they can receive top-angle light from your lightbulb. By doing so, the plant will receive more light in this direction. The leaves will automatically grow taller when that occurs.

Water To Your Plant

These two methods are critical since they directly affect the height of the plant. In the same way, water is essential here. It will affect the plant if you provide less water or follow an irregular watering schedule. The plant will not grow at a standard rate because of this. As a result, the leaves will also be impacted.

Add Fertilizers To The Plant

Additionally to watering schedules, fertilizers should be considered as well. You don’t need to water a plant as often if the soil is deficient with nutrients. For plants to grow, they need nutrients. In the absence of these elements, it will turn into survival mode. Your Snake plant will grow irregularly once this mode is turned on. This plant needs a fertilizer that can be used for all sorts of things. You can add such fertilizers every 2-3 months, depending on the size of the plant.

Replace The Soil

A plant can also be rejuvenated by this method. If you haven’t replaced the soil with fresh potting mix for too long, you should consider doing so. The root system of the plant can also be removed during this process. By pruning the roots from the bottom of the plant, more roots will grow. Make sure you do it sparingly, as you don’t want to damage the roots of the plant.

Check For The Pot Size

Last way to grow snake plant tall, finally, make sure your plant’s pot is the right size! It could be that the plant container is too small, causing root damage and preventing it from growing tall.

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