How to Change My Lawn Mower Battery: Here’s the Best Answer – 3 Steps to Follow

How to change my lawn mower battery?

One time, Paulina asked us a question, “My lawn mower battery is dead. I’ve bought a new battery. But the problem is now how can I change my lawn mower battery?

Do you have the same question as her? You are in the right time and place. Keep reading this article for the answer.

The best instruments for keeping grass clippings out of your house and garden are lawn mowers. They also make it convenient to trim the grass whenever you choose, day or night. However, they have a number of upkeep problems. Battery failure is the most frequent issue.

You’ll need to put in more time and effort to recharge the lawn mower battery if it dies. Your normal activities can be hampered and delayed as a result.

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How to Change My Lawn Mower Battery

Change my lawn mower battery
“Is it important to change my lawn mower battery?”

The fundamentals of lawn mower batteries are discussed, along with instructions on how to change them. Your old battery should be replaced with a new one once a year if you want to avoid issues. The process is simple. Below are comprehensive instructions.

Knowing “how to change my lawn mower battery” can save you time and money. Gas-powered lawn mowers all run on gas, oil, and batteries.

Lawn mower batteries, on the other hand, are particularly particular to the model and type of lawn mower, unlike many battery-powered products. Follow these instructions to replace the old one after making sure you get the right kind.

Locate the Battery

One of two locations—under the hood of the mower or beneath the seat—is where lawn mower batteries are kept. Turn off your lawn mower and take the keys off to discover it. Search in both of these locations before locating and releasing the cover’s latch to gain access to the battery. Get rid of any bars or tie-down straps holding the battery in place.

Disconnect the Battery Cables

Change my lawn mower battery 1
“I want to change my lawn mower battery”

Always start by removing the black, or ground, wire before removing a battery. Use a stiff wire brush to clean the connectors if they are rusted. Apply a paste made of baking soda and water to the terminals if the battery is seriously corroded.

Before rinsing off the corrosion with the brush and clean water, let it stand for a few minutes. With a soft cloth, dry any water. Make sure no battery cells are exposed to the mixture of water and clean them well before removing them.

If battery acid seeps within the cells, baking soda will neutralize your battery because it neutralizes acidic substances. If the connectors are still tightly fastened, cautiously and slowly pry the connector apart from the terminal with a flat head screwdriver.

Avoid pulling the cable out by force, as you risk popping the connecting connector. Remove the red (positive with the plus sign on the terminal) cable after removing the negative (black with the negative sign on the terminal).

Replace the Battery

Change my lawn mower battery
“It is easy to change my lawn mower battery if I know the steps.”

Clean out (rinse out) any rust or debris, and then dry the battery holder after removing the battery from it. Rust can be accelerated by battery fumes, so if the holder is made of metal and exhibits indications of rust, sand and paint the affected areas.

After inserting the fresh battery, fasten the tie-down strap or bar. Always begin reinserting the cables into the battery terminals with the positive (red) cable. To secure it, connect it to the positive terminal and tighten the bolt. Next, connect the negative (black) cable to the corresponding terminal.

Make sure everything is operational before replacing the battery cover.

Tips For You

Change my lawn mower battery 2
“Finally! I knew how to change my lawn mower battery.”

As previously stated, not all batteries are made alike, so be sure to purchase the proper lawn mower battery for the kind and style of lawn mower you have. Additionally, to make sure you are maintaining and charging your batteries appropriately, read your owner’s manual and inspect your battery for corrosion at least once a month.

Make sure to purchase a high-quality battery that will last longer than two years if you’re replacing the one in your lawn mower. Replace your battery right away if you discover any symptoms of the damage, such as dents or corrosion.

Never replace a damaged battery on your own; instead, call a qualified technician. Always read the instruction manual before servicing your lawn mower.

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change my lawn mower battery

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