Snake Plant Flower Surprising Facts: How Often Does Snake Plant Bloom? (2021)

How often does snake plant bloom? This striking plant can sometimes flower, something many people don’t realize (Sansevieria trifasciata). The blooming is a rare event for it only occurs once every year, usually in the spring, and usually only if the plants live outdoors all year round. There is a claim that the possibility of snake plants to bloom is 1 among 1000, that’s why people have grown these plants for years or even decades, but never see any flower!

I was also surprised when I saw the snake plant blooming at first, but once it began blooming, my friends and family were shocked because we had snake plants for about two years and they never bloomed, but suddenly, they started blooming. Several people do this experiment with their own snake plants, and in the third year, some stems began to grow out of the snake plant after not changing the pot for two years. 

What Does It Mean When A Snake Plant Flower?

When Sansevieria are stressed of not being repotted, they have rare blooms. Snake plants produce stalks that have liquid inside them, and then they develop flowers. Snake plant blooms are rare and one can only get them if conditions are right.

What Do Snake Plant Flowers Look Like?

Snake plant flowers grow on very long flower stalks. There are dozens of flower buds covering the stalk, which can reach a length of up to 3 feet (1 m). Typically, the flowers themselves are white or cream. When fully open, they will look like lily blooms. Additionally, the flowers have a very strong and pleasing scent. Because of the strong smell, pests may occasionally be attracted to it.

How To Get Snake Plant Flowers

How often does snake plant bloom? The chances of yours blooming as well are slim, but I will share my experiences and perhaps yours will as well! Snake plants bloom only when they receive enough light. Unfortunately, many of these plants do not bloom because they are abused and put in dark corners. Additionally, a little bit of neglect will do wonders once you have enough light (including direct sunlight). It is beneficial to your plant to allow your soil to dry completely between waterings, or keep it somewhat pot bound when it is mildly stressed.

Here are some other observations I made:

At night, the flowers emit a fragrance. If your flower blooms, be aware of the sticky nectar it produces. I occasionally fertilize my plant, but most of the time I simply water it thoroughly with plain tap water and place it back by the window. It’s important to remember that fertilizer won’t make your plant bloom. Light is the only thing that can do this (and sometimes mildly stressing your plant is necessary). The use of fertilizer will only enhance the appearance of your flowers.

It is funny how sometimes people say to me “you must have a stressed plant” as if they were wishing my plant bad luck. Hey! Plants that are stressed are not necessarily about to die (though this can be true in some cases). Stress-induced flowering can be caused by a variety of factors.

In order to produce seeds and continue reproducing, the plant must produce flowers when stressed. The species is basically fighting for survival by any means necessary. My snake plants were (and are) very healthy, but they did have some stress factors. In particular, being pot bound and kept dry (although they didn’t pose a life-threatening threat).

What To Do

The following three factors are associated with how often does snake plant bloom:

  • I have enough light coming in from my eastern-facing window.
  • A shallow pot held the plant quite tightly.
  • Watering the potting mix was not done between waterings and often went up to a week between waterings.

In addition, there were only a few fertilizers applied. I think that’s all!

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