Review of the Ironton Trailer Kit – Best Trailer Kit In The Market (2022)

Man using his lawn mower with ironton trailer kit

Trailer kits can be expensive and it can be hard to know which one to buy but not for Ironton Trailer Kit.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the best to buy a trailer kit and we’ll review the brand Ironton.

We think that the Ironton Trailer Kit were some of the best on the market and we hope that you’ll agree.

We have some sight from someone who considered to buy Ironton Trailer Kit which,

maybe you have the same feeling before buying trailer kit.

Jason will share to you,

I bought this for my dad to help him mow the lawn.

He loves it! It’s easy to assemble and use, and really does make his job easier.

The chains are a great safety feature as well,

because he has a very large yard with many trees.

This kit works beautifully, is built extremely well and,

I would highly recommend it if you need more space or just want,

an extra tool in your arsenal of gardening tools

Furthermore, there are few things to consider before buying a Ironton Trailer Kit,

and Jason has the same thought with us.

Consider This Before Having Trailer Kit

You Can’t Mow With Your Riding Mower If You Have A Trailer

Riding mowers were designed to do exactly that: mow the grass.

Most trailers, on the other hand, will bounce around as you drive,

jackknife as you back up, or strike the tongue as you make abrupt curves.

Maintenance is Required for Riding Mower Trailers

Trailer, like any other piece of equipment require regular maintenance to stay in working order.

This usually entails maintaining your wheels and bearings,

on a regular basis to avoid any problems that may arise when you’re attempting to complete a task.

Riding Mower Trailers Are Bulky And Difficult To Store

A riding mower trailer might be difficult to store in most garages or sheds.

Most of the time, you’ll have to leave them outside due to a lack of storage space,

this might be a problem depending on the weather outside (rain, snow, etc.)

Is it enough to make you thinking hard?

Don’t worry because our recommendation surely doesn’t need long consideration, trust us!

Ironton 40in. x 48in. Steel Utility Trailer Kit

Ironton trailer kit is a top-notch brand that has been providing quality trailers kit for a long time.

Their 40in. x 48in. steel utility trailer kit is perfect for both commercial and residential use and it comes with a variety of features that you will love.

Two 4.80 – 12in. tires and slipper springs are included as well as a 1 7/8in.

coupler assembly with safety chains, appropriate lighting, wiring and connector, tail and turn signals,

side running lights, and two 4.80 – 12in. tires.

The 40-inch-wide by 48-inch-long bed is great for moving mulch, dirt,

machines, or a variety of other commodities.

The overall dimensions are 78in.L x 52 1/4in.W.

Decking is not included in the price. It is necessary to assemble the item.

Here are some advantages when choosing Ironton Trailer;

Large Capacity

This 40in. x 48in. trailer more than pulls its weight,

with a maximum payload of 1060 lbs. and a maximum gross vehicle weight of 1200 lbs.

Mulch, mud, machinery, and a variety of other items may all be hauled using this Ironton trailer kit.

Constructed with sturdy materials

Take a tough steel frame and couple it with a set of 4.80–12in.

tires with protective fenders to keep pebbles and debris out of your load.

To keep the load confined, built-in slots allow you to insert your own side panels or stake paneling.

To make a unique transporter, add your own decking (not provided)

Completed package

This Ironton Trailer Kit has everything you’ll need to get started hauling.

You’re covered from the 1 7/8in. coupler to the whole light set with wiring,

as well as the frame, pair of fenders, hub, slipper spring, and safety chain.

For easy assembly, all parts are provided (some assembly is required).

Man putting stuff on trailer kit


It’s definitely hard to find the right trailer kit especially if you’re not familiar with the market.

That’s why we’ve served one of the best Ironton Trailer Kit,

that you can buy from a trusted and reputable brand – Ironton.

We’re confident that Ironton is the perfect trailer kit for your needs.

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