Perfect Plants For Bathroom: Must-Have Humidity-Loving Plants For You (2021)

Are you looking for the perfect plants for bathroom? If you are, then you come to the right page. The popularity of houseplants has increased dramatically in recent years, to the point that they’re now considered essential for decorating. Now the trend has spread to every room in the house, even the bathroom.

Plants in a bathroom may seem like a weird place to keep them, but not only does it become your own personal oasis (seriously, it’s like a vacation at home). Keeping a number of tropical plants such as snake plants or fiddle leaf figs in your bathroom is actually easy and convenient. There are options for sunny bathrooms with natural light, as well as darker, windowless spaces. The higher humidity levels make many plants thrive, and there are plenty of plants that can thrive in these bathrooms.

These are some of the best houseplants to place in your bathroom with a variety of light requirements. It’s just a matter of choosing the right varieties for your space, and these humidity-loving plants will be happy.

Tillandsia / Air Plant

Keeping air plants in the bathroom is a great idea because they can absorb moisture right from your shower or bath. Additionally, since you don’t need planters or potting mix to display them, you have more creativity in how you display them. “Unlike conventional plants, air plants derive their nutrients and water from the air,” Marino explains. “They can tolerate a range of conditions, but thrive the best in direct sunlight and high humidity.”

Staghorn Fern

Need other perfect plants for bathroom? Like the bird’s nest, the staghorn fern likes the extra humidity a bathroom offers, so take as long as you need. Nevertheless, indirect, bright light is also important to its survival. Marino envisions it in a pot on the bathroom’s windowsill or mounting it on wood and hanging it on the bathroom wall. A staghorn fern is an epiphyte, meaning they live on trees rather than in soil (like air plants).” This is why wood mounting works, and it’s a great substitution for potted plants if you don’t have enough space.

Calathea “Freddie”

The majority of calathea flourish in humid environments, making them an ideal plant for adorning a bathroom. The bathroom window enjoys moderate, indirect lighting, so you do not have to worry about its size or placement in relation to the window. Calatheas ‘Freddie’ are among Marino’s favorite varieties because they’re more tolerant of low light than other ones.

Chinese Evergreen

Because Chinese Evergreens are so hearty, they make wonderful bathroom plants. If you’re forgetful or travel a lot, this is a great choice. It thrives even when you forget to water it. As another plus, it is highly adaptive; it prefers indirect or low light, but also grows well in direct light. Humidity is its favorite, but temperature fluctuations upset it. It is a good idea to keep your windows closed on cold days to prevent strong drafts from hampering its growth.


Gardenias are tropical, so humid bathroom air is comfortable for them. For best results, choose bright, indirect light in the morning and in the afternoon. “Gardenias are beautiful plants that thrive and bloom best with a little more sunlight,” says Mast. “If you have an open window in your bathroom that gets at least four hours of sun each day, such as a wall window, this would be a perfect place to add a gardenia.” 

Snake Plant

Last but not least, let me introduce you to the final boss of this list of perfect plants for bathroom: snake plant. It isn’t necessary to give snake plants much light or water in order to survive. A bonus of using this plant in your bathroom is that it filters indoor air pollution caused by household cleaning products.

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