Top 5 Plants that Attract Butterflies like Crazy

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Do you want to discover which plants butterflies like? In that case, you are in the right spot! In this blog post, you’ll discover all there is to know about the top 5 plants that butterflies enjoy. Everything from gorgeous flowers to easy-to-grow plants can be found in this selection. You can encourage the conservation of natural resources while also increasing the number of butterflies that visit your garden. So, why are you still waiting? Start planting today to see how many butterflies your garden can attract!

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Butterflies like

What butterflies like in plants?

It is undeniable that adding plants to your garden or yard can improve and improve the area. But which species of plants are preferred by butterflies? Start by planting some of these top options if you want to enhance the number of butterflies that visit your garden or yard this year. Many butterflies enjoy plants with a lot of nectar and pollen. A butterfly’s attraction depends heavily on the presence of many plant species, brilliant colors, and fragrant flowers or other fragrances. Last but not least, try out various plant species.

Top 5 plants that attract butterflies

You can increase pollination and maintain a healthy, lush garden by luring butterflies to your garden. Butterfly visits to a range of favorite plants are actually common occurrences. The following are the best plants that butterfly gardeners should raise:


Buddleia is a popular choice for gardeners and butterfly enthusiasts alike. This plant has plenty of attractive features that make it a great choice for both indoor and outdoor gardens. Plus, its natural scent is sure to please the creatures in your garden! Its dense foliage and blooms make it perfect for planting in any area of your home or garden – indoors or outdoors. With so many flowers on offer, butterflies will definitely be happy with Buddleia as their host plant. You might want to check out Buddleia on Amazon:


Goldenrod is a plant that attracts butterflies in droves. Its nectar provides food for the butterflies and they love its bright yellow flowers. Another great plant to attract butterflies is lavender, whose nectar also feeds them. Goldenrod are one of the best plants to attract them as they have long fronds that offer plenty of shelter and concealment for these delicate creatures. Finally, Goldenrod are known to be one of the most popular plants among gardeners because their sweet smell attracts all sorts of pollinators- including butterflies! You might want to check out Goldenrod on Amazon:


Daffodils are a popular plant for gardeners looking to attract butterflies. They have a strong fragrance that wards off pests as well as attracts pollinators such as hummingbirds and bees. The flowers also have a shape that mimics the wings of butterflies, making them even more visually appealing to these interesting creatures. Give daffodils a try if you want to see more butterflies in your garden!


Echinacea is a great plant for gardeners and butterfly lovers alike! It grows quickly, provides plenty of flowers, and is well-loved for its ability to attract butterflies. Keep the plants watered well and you’ll be able to enjoy this beautiful flower all summer long! Echinacea can also be grown outdoors in warm climates, making it perfect for those who love nature. Finally, echinacea’s nectar and pollen are known to attract a variety of pollinators, such as monarchs.


Daisy is a perennial plant that belongs to the aster family and usually grows up to 1.5 metres tall. This easy-to-grow plant prefers full sun but can also tolerate partial shade. It has slender green stems and star-like flowers that bloom from early summer until late autumn.


Butterfly gardening is a lucrative and enjoyable hobby that can help fill your garden with butterflies. You may increase your garden’s biodiversity and attract some incredible butterflies by growing plants that butterflies adore. We hope this blog can motivate you to start your very own butterfly garden.

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