Pot Snake Plants In A Pot Without Holes? Look At The Superb Facts! (2021)

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Which pot snake plants I use?

Are you confused about choosing the right pot for a snake plant like what?

Does it have to be a hole?

Or not…

Are you new to the snake plant?

Don’t be confused!

Here we will answer your questions!

Before that, let’s listen to Ava’s story

I am Ava, I really have a hobby of gardening.

But indeed, my hobby is still new

There’s still a lot I need to know about garden

Like for example I have to choose which pot is appropriate

Should I use a pot with a hole or not?

I also just bought a snake plant as my new plant

I don’t know if a snake plant has to use a pot with a hole

Finally my snake plant withered

I then look for information

If a snake plant needs a pot with a hole

So that the soil does not rot

Now, my snake plant is all healthy

With nothing to wither

Now, let’s get started…

Can I Pot Snake Plants In A Pot Without Drainage Holes?

Sansevieria trifasciata
Credit: costafarms.com

To pot snake plants, always choose a pot with good drainage or drill one yourself if you have the possibility.

If you’re growing succulents inside and don’t want to worry about water leaking out the bottom of the pot.

Do snake plants need drainage?

Yup, however, this does not rule out the possibility of planting them in pots without drainage holes.

Here’s how to water and pot snake plants with this type of pot!

How To Pot Snake Plants In Pots Without Holes?

So, drainage is not required for succulent containers.

Sure, all of our pots would be lovely and feature hidden drainage holes to prevent us from overwatering our plants.

However, drainage holes may not always be an option…

…especially if you like to buy the cute pots which are have no holes in it.

Pot snake plants in pots without holes is fine!

“All through the long winter I dream of my garden. On the first warm day of spring I dig my fingers deep into the soft earth. I can feel its energy, and my spirits soar.”

Helen Hayes, American actress, 1900-1993

Avoid Overwatering

How to grow and care for a snake plant - the home depot
Credit: homedepot.com

Usually, snake plant roots require air to keep healthy.

Overwatering can lead to a variety of diseases, and if you don’t take precautions to avoid damp roots..

..your plants may dying.

It might succumb to stem and root rot. In the presence of extra water, many soil fungi proliferate.

The plant begins to wilt, and a brown or black ring appears above the dirt at the base of the stem.

Just do watering at right time, so you can avoid the overwatering problems…

…when you pot snake plants in pots without holes.

The Non-Draining Container

Pot snake plants 2
Credit: gardenforindoor.com

A few tricks can help you reduce the danger of infections caused by moist soil.

The essential strategy is to water the plant normally…

…then flip the planter sideways and drain the excess water after a few minutes.

When there are no drainage holes in a planter, double potting can help.

Pot snake plants in a pot liner or a smaller container that may be placed within the bigger, non-draining container.

If the liner or tiny container does not already have holes, make at least four.

Gravel should be layered on the bottom of the bigger, outer planter.

Then, How to Water it?

First, wait a few minutes after watering the plant for the excess water to drop out of the smaller container.

Then, remove the plant in the liner from the bigger container and discard any remaining water.

Last, place the liner or little planter back inside the larger one after draining.

You’ll have to be more careful with watering if the container doesn’t have drain holes.

Only soak the top inch of soil in the container with water.

Before watering again, let the soil dry fully.

It simply needs to be watered once every two weeks.

Can I Put Outside While I Pot Snake Plants In A Pot Without Holes?

Snake plant
Credit: almanac.com

You should know the right light for the snake plants.

Putting pot snake plants without drainage outside is a bad idea because…

…a large component of planting succulents in pots without drainage holes is monitoring their water intake.

In the heat and sun, your soil will most likely dry out faster.

Since snake plants growing outside..

..we suggest to using a pot with drainage and potting soil that drains well.

If it’s exceedingly hot and dry, drink water frequently, perhaps daily.

The excess will drain away, leaving the balance to be absorbed by the soil.

If you want to put your snake plant outside, set a timer.

To Sum Up

Now, if you want to pot snake plants without holes, you can read these articles before you do!

Because, beside the aesthetic of its pots…

…you will know the consequences to taking care your snake plants in a pot without holes.

It will take a little different maintain than if you pot snake plants in a normal pot.

The answer is, you can pot snake plants in a pot without holes.

Let’s try even it needs more extra care.


Snake plant is more recommended to use pots with holes.

But it is permissible to use one that is not perforated, but care must be taken not to wilt.

Now you know, right?

Are you a pot with holes or no holes for your snake plant?

Check out more posts on our website like this one here!

Have an awesome gardening journey!

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