Most Popular Propagation Methods For Snake Plant! Number 3 Is The Easiest Way! (2021)

What Is Propagation?

Plant propagation is the cheapest and most effective approach to build your plant collection. There are few propagation methods that you can do it at home. The process of creating new plants that are identical to their parent plant is known as propagation. There are four ways to do it: the most common is to grow roots from a cutting in water. Plants can also be split or divided, propagated from a leaf, and succulents propagated simply by placing them in soil. Now, let’s jump to the propagation methods section!

First Propagation Methods: Division Method

The division method is one of another propagation methods, that can be applied to a wide range of plants. Plants that produce “pups” or offshoots are ideal for this method. Usually, the Chinese Money Plant is one of the most popular plants to propagate using this method. It is commonly divided once a pup has grown large enough to have its own roots.

How To Do It

Take a look:

  • Remove the puppies by removing the plant from its pot and loosening the root ball (and gently untangle roots to separate the plant, if needed). Get rid of the puppies. With this procedure, there’s no need to cut anything.
  • Repot the pups: Place the pups in a new pot with wet soil and continue to care for them as usual.

You can use this method if you don’t like to cutting things

Second: Succulent Propagation

When the leaves are kept indoors in a window with plenty of indirect sunlight, the following are the results.

How To Do It

  • Remove lower leaves. When succulents become leggy (they appear stretched out as if reaching for the sun), remove the lower leaves while leaving the base of the leaf intact. After successfully removing the lower leaves, you will be left with a small rosette on a long bare stem.
  • Remove the top of the succulent.
  • Wait for them to dry out. After you cut the top off, you need to callous the leaves and stems so they don’t rot in the soil, and then you lay them on top of soil.

Third: Water Propagation

Finally, we are on the easiest propagation methods as our title above. All you have to do is take a cutting from a plant with a node.

How To Do It

  • Make your cut (with clean scissors or shears) so that the node is on the piece of vine that will be immersed in water.
  • Place in water and wait. Once you’ve cut the mother plant, take your cutting and immerse it in water. Then you’ll have to wait a few weeks for the roots to grow.
  • Repot time! When the roots are about two inches long, transplant them to the soil. Keep the soil moist for the first few weeks because your plant will be accustomed to sitting in water at that point.

So far, from all of propagation methods, this method is the most effective because it requires the least amount of effort and skill while still producing a plant with proper care and patience.

Fourth And Last: Leaf Propagation

Plants can be grown from a piece of the leaf. The key for this method: patience is essential.

How To Do It

  • Cut a piece of a snake plant leaf off and immerse it in water, and roots will sprout from the bottom. You can also plant a leaf from a snake plant in moist soil or moss.
  • After some time, the leaf will begin to sprout tiny leaves.

If you intend to use this method of propagation, all you have to do is snip the leaf and place it in water or soil.

Sum Up

It is simple to learn how to propagate snake plants, though it’s many ways of propagation methods, you will decide what is the best for you. Why we should propagate our snake plants? While it is true that too much water can kill your plant and to keep your plants alive is propagate it. Share your story or maybe you have any methods?

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