Superb Guide About Pruning Snake Plant! (2021)

One could argue that pruning snake plant isn’t a vital task. Whether you cut leaves or not, your plant will live no matter what. However, cutting leaves can have a few advantages.

Why Pruning Snake Plant

Plants are without a doubt characterized primarily by their leaves. A bad looking plant is a bad looking plant. Therefore, one of the main reasons you might need to prune is to remove damaged, diseased, or old foliage. You can make your plant look much better by cutting these leaves. Its size may become excessive at some point, even though it is a slow-growing succulent. By pruning, you can control the height and width of the plant.

You can transplant the plant into a larger pot if you don’t want to prune. One last reason you may need to prune is to improve the shape of the plant. As a result, the leaves sometimes grow curled or sloped in a direction we do not wish them to. It is possible to trim the poorly growing leaves to improve aesthetics.

How To Prune Snake Plant

Prune for a variety of reasons already known to us. In order to accomplish our aims, let us now see how the leaves must be cut.

Pruning to Reduce Size

The leaves on the edge of the plant must be cut if what we are trying to accomplish is to reduce its size. The snake plant grows from the center, so the leaves at the edge will always be the oldest, so the task should begin here.

Make the cut as close to the ground as possible to remove the leaves from their base. By pushing upward from the top of the blade, you can remove the blade once you have cut the base.

By removing the leaves from the edges or pruning snake plant, the plant will become narrower, but the height may also need to be reduced. In that case, you will have to cut the leaves that have grown taller. Generally, they are located in the center of the plant. Since the cut will be in the center, you won’t be able to reach the base of the leaf with the cut, but if there is a stump in the center, no one will see it.

Cleaning Pruning

In general, this pruning won’t take long. The leaves on a sansevieria are few and far between. The rest I cannot tell you much about, you just have to cut any leaves that are sick, dry, or very old.

Whenever you prune leaves with disease symptoms, do not leave the pruning debris near other plants, otherwise you may spread the disease.

Pruning to Improve Shape

Succulents are pruned in an effort to improve their shape. Cleaning is similar. Simply cut the faulty blades. Whenever you remove each sheet, keep in mind that you should do so as close as possible to the base.

The second tip is to cut a lot of sheets if you want to control the shape or size. Do not cut more than 1/3 of the foliage to avoid causing too much damage to the plant. Too much pruning can have a negative impact on it since it is a slow-growing plant.

Tools Needed for Pruning Snake Plant

I make a more or less extensive list of tools whenever I write a post about pruning one of the plants. A minimum of four or five items. There will be an exception in the case of the snake plant.

Pruning this succulent only requires a sharp knife. Another option is to use scissors. It is two tools that most people have at home, so you won’t have a problem getting them. Make sure your knife or scissors are disinfected before pruning. By using this method, plants will be protected from disease transmission.

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