Effective and Thorough! Top 5 Rattan Furniture Cleaning Tips For You

Top 5 rattan furniture cleaning tips for you
Have you familiarized yourself with these 5 rattan furniture cleaning tips?
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Do you have an outdoor rattan furniture at home?

Are you wondering about the right way to clean it without ruining the quality?

Here we offer you some rattan furniture cleaning tips so that it won’t be ruined when you DO clean it correctly!

But first, let’s hear what Dorothy has to say about using one of the rattan furniture from our recommendations:

YITAHOME is a 5-piece patio furniture made from rattan to put outdoor.

I love this set because it’s aesthetically pleasing, affordable, easy to move and simple in design.

It has five chairs that are very comfortable and durable with an alluring look.

The cushions on the chair have been designed especially for outdoor use which makes them more sturdy as compared to other cushions available in the market.

Dorothy, Brooklyn

Without further ado, let’s delve deeper into the world of maintaining our rattan furniture!

About Rattan Furniture

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Rattan furniture is a fashionable addition to both indoor and outdoor decor.
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One of many materials made to use an outdoor furniture is rattan.

Furniture made from rattan is a fashionable addition to both indoor and outdoor decor.

The parts are lightweight, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly.

Rattan is a tropical palm-like vine that grows into a cane that is 1 to 3 inches in diameter and can be cut into lengths with a strong core and steamed to shape into curves.

The vine’s outer skin is peeled away to form flexible lengths that can be used to bind furniture joints together.

Rattan furniture has many benefits, too.

Because rattan can become brittle or broken when exposed to heat or moisture, proper care will ensure that the material remains clean and dust-free for many years.

Keep reading for our handpicked tips on how to clean your rattan furniture.

Rattan Furniture Cleaning Tips


Maintaining the cleanliness of your rattan or wicker furniture might help it last longer.

Clean your rattan on a regular basis to keep it free of dust and mildew.

These might cause your rattan fiber to deteriorate if left unattended for too long.

Simply dampen a soft cloth and wipe your rattan.

A small amount of dishwashing liquid or light detergent can also be added.


When cleaning your rattan, make sure to get rid of any dust or mildew that has accumulated within the fibres.

Using a soft brush or a hand-held vacuum cleaner, remove dirt from hard-to-reach areas. For optimal results, repeat this process once a week.


This is one of the most crucial aspects of your rattan furniture to remember.

If you used a damp cloth to clean your rattan, make sure to dry it as soon as possible, either in the sun or with a hair drier.

Of course, if you’re using your rattan outside, make sure it’s not left out in the rain, since this could permanently destroy it.


What should you do if something spills on your rattan furniture?

Cleaning it as quickly as possible, before it has an opportunity to penetrate into the fiber, is the best option.

If any liquid spills on the item, wipe it down with a wet cloth right away.

Even red wine or oil can be wiped with a moist cloth if done quickly enough.


Although rattan furniture can be used outside, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight can damage the material and cause it to dry out and become brittle.

Remember to keep your rattan out of direct sunlight if you’re using it for garden or patio furniture.

The same may be said for any other source of direct heat, such as a fireplace.

How Often Should You Clean

There are many nooks and crevices in rattan furniture that might accumulate dust and filth due to the construction techniques used.

Weekly dusting or vacuuming with an upholstery brush is recommended.

Every month, a more thorough damp cleaning should be performed.

Any stains from food, drink, or mud should be wiped up right soon.

Inspect the furniture at least once a year for splits in the fibers as well as mold and mildew growth, especially if the rattan pieces have been exposed to the elements.

Take the time to get rid of any issues and recondition the fibers.

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