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A lawn that is immaculate and devoid of any mow-able grass is something truly special. However, if you’re not familiar with riding lawn mowers, mowing your lawn can be a difficult task.

To make things simpler for you, we’ve collected a list of the riding lawn mower companies in 2022.

Obviously, when creating this list, ratings and evaluations were considered, so it will be valuable for anybody looking for trustworthy advice on lawn mower manufacturers.

As a result, if you’re trying for the greatest electric lawn mower or gas-powered mowers, this chart will sure help you out!

Ratings of the Top 5 Riding Lawn Mower Companies

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Every home should have a riding lawn mower, and it’s vital to choose the proper one. We’ve put together a list of the 5 greatest riding lawn mower companies in 2022 to help you make the right choice.

Best Lawn Mower Brands: Honda

Honda is a global brand and one of the largest multinational conglomerates in the world, according to a previous article on The Lawn Mower Guru.

Honda HRN216VKA

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The HRN216VKA has excellent performance and mulching. It is self-propelled and equipped with an integrated smart drive speed control system for convenient, easy speed control.

The HRN216VKA is built with cutting-edge features including Honda’s exclusive Micro-Cut Twin Blade System, the 21-inch heavy-duty deck, and the 3-in-1 System with Clip Director, which enables you to mulch, bag, or rear discharge without the use of any additional components or equipment.

The operator may quickly and easily adjust for seven various cutting heights using the dual-lever height adjustment mechanism.

With all of this working in tandem with the strong brand-new GCV170 engine from Honda, this mower will deliver dependable power for years to come.

21-inch Heavy-Duty Steel Deck. Dual-Lever Height Adjustment System: Innovative design optimizes air flow for optimal mulching and bagging.

Convenient front and rear levers allow for easy adjustment to seven cutting heights (1 in. – 4 in.) Twin-bladed MicroCut System.

3-in-1 System with Clip Director’s stacked and offset dual blade design offers greater cut quality and smaller clippings for easier mulching and bagging.

The Clip Director can be easily slid to achieve adaptability in mulching, bagging, or discharge.

No attachments are necessary When mowing, Smart Drive offers intuitive, variable speed control.

Honda HRX217HYA

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Unmatched technological innovation. The HRX217HYA, powered by Honda’s NEW GCV200 engine, offers excellent performance and efficiency.

It has a ton of cutting-edge design features, including Honda’s unique 21-inch NeXite deck, Micro-Cut Twin Blade System, and the 4-in-1 Versamow System with Clip Director, which enables you to mulch, bag, rear discharge, or shred leaves without the use of any additional equipment.

Utilize the hydrostatic cruise control to gradually change the speed to your mowing circumstances.

A safety device called the Blade Stop System (Roto-Stop) turns off the motor but stops the blades.

In order to avoid needing to restart the vehicle, you can leave securely. Honda GCV200 engine: dependable, powerful, and easy to start;

All Honda lawn mower engines are certified to satisfy 50-State EPA and CARB pollution regulations, and its premium home GCV200 engine will give years of dependable service.

With Honda’s Hydrostatic Cruise Manage, you may control your speed precisely between 0 and 4 MPH. Honda’s unique choose drive lets you select your speed.

Rotate the speed adjust the dial to easily adapt the mower’s pace to your stride, then engage the select drive lever for simple speed control with optimal comfort and convenience.

Four cutting surfaces are used by Honda’s unique Twin Blade MicroCut System to produce ultra-fine clippings for superior mulching and more clippings per bag. The ground-breaking 4-in-1 Versamow System with Clip Director from Honda.


It’s now time to choose one of the top five riding lawn mower companies in 2022, and begin enjoying your lawn care in style!

You’ll be able to pick the appropriate lawn mower for your requirements using our rankings, and you’ll breeze through cutting the grass with ease!

One of the options available for you to purchase is one of the Honda-branded items mentioned above.

We also have an article about large riding lawn mower in our blog if you are curious. Go here: Buying a Large Riding Lawn Mower: 3 Important Things to Look For.

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