Amazing Facts About Sansevieria Longiflora You Should Know (2021)

Sansevieria Longiflora

Sansevieria longiflora is also based in Africa. This Sansevieria is mostly found in Angola, Namibia, and the Congo. The dark green leaves have a smooth leaf surface and are faintly speckled or irregularly banded. They may grow to be 150 centimeters long and 3 to 9 cm broad. it is categorized as a tall sansevieria. So you probably consider to put them or prepare them a large pot and a perfect spot for them to grow.


When it comes to flower, sansevieria longiflora has a beautiful flower. It can bloom during the summer, once a year. A 3 to 6 millimeter long brown spine may be found at the leaf’s tip. The leaf edge has stiffened and turned a reddish-brown hue. Panicle-like white blooms emerge.

Snake plant bloomed for a month or two, depending on the time; if it blooms in the spring, it may bloom until mid-summer if you’re lucky; otherwise, you may admire the beautiful creation of unique snake plant white blossoms.


Sansevieria longiflora lke to be grown in sunny to shady location. It can be placed inside your house or even outdoor. As much as it likes shady location, make sure it has an access to indirect sunlight and avoid places that has high humidity. 


Water them moderately. It is prone to become mushy if you pour too much water on it. Avoid these things from happening by watering them once in a while. Does not tolerate water-logging. It doesn’t like a lot of water, so you can leave it dry for some days after 2 weeks from watering the plant. They will survive on 20 to 30 Celcius. If you live in a frosty location, keep them warm inside the house with you.


Like normal sansevieria they prefer a sandy soil mix, cactus mix is the best choice of soil for them. Soil is one of the most important component in growing sansevieria.

Sansevieria Longiflora Benefits

Improves the Quality of Sleep

The Snake plant helps to enhance sleep quality by detoxifying the indoor air and providing abundant oxygen at night. It alleviates a variety of ailments caused by poor indoor air quality, such as headaches, eye irritation, and respiratory difficulties. When put in the bedroom, it promotes restful sleep and leaves one feeling calm and refreshed in the morning, which boosts productivity.

Attracts Positive Energy

Spiky plants, according to Feng Shui, are excellent for driving away bad energy. The Snake plant is believed to offer protective and pleasant energy to homes and businesses when put in the right spot. This plant should be put in less trafficked locations because it is considered aggressive. The Snake plant is ideally placed in the southeastern, southern, and eastern corners of houses and workplaces.

Improve Your Mood

“Having plants in the house just helps people feel better,” Mast adds. After all, studies have shown that engaging with indoor greenery (such as watering or potting) decreases stress, and having them in your office might help you improve your creativity and problem-solving abilities. While most snake plant advantages apply to most species, these facts, together with its air-improving properties, make this one more desirable.

It Is Effective Against Allergies

A plant that generates oxygen, reduces CO2 and absorbs hazardous volatile organic compounds can dramatically reduce airborne allergies. The snake plant is one of these plants. Having indoor plants around you can help even if you use air filters and purifiers.

Visit the University of Hawaii Extension 6 website to read this fascinating story. Feng Shui and Protective Energy The snake plant is seen to be a bad feng shui plant by some. It’s the polar opposite of the truth. It gives protecting and cleansing energy to the house or business when placed in the proper position.

Sum Up!

Have you heard about the sansevieria longiflora before? it’s a nice sansevieria types from Africa. What’s your favorite sansevieria so far? Share us your collections on the comment section below!

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