Know These Sansevieria’s Best Friends! (2021)

Do Sansevieria’s Best Friends Exist?

The good news is that practically any plant will work as a companion plant for a snake plant or we called sansevieria’s best friends. Here are a few companion plant ideas for snake plants to help you narrow down your options or find the perfect one for your home!

Bird Of Paradise

This tall, beautiful houseplant will look great to be sansevieria’s best friends. Together, the two plants are magnificent. They’ll look fantastic on a verandah or in your living room. A tropical houseplant, Bird of Paradise is usually grown indoors. In locations where there is no frost, it can also be found as an outdoor variety. The plant’s highly textured leaves give it an exquisite appearance, and it can be used as decor against a plain wall. There are other types, including the Orange Bird of Paradise, which flowers, and the White Bird of Paradise, which has leaves that look like palm tree leaves.

Mandevilla Plant

If you’re going to put a plant to be sansevieria’s best friends, make it a colorful one. The Mandevilla vine, which blooms in pink, red, and white, is an excellent choice. Because of its capacity to flower, mandevilla is commonly used as a companion plant. This plant grows best in moist settings, but it shouldn’t become too wet and can’t withstand freezing.


It’s easier to grow this plant than it is to spell it! Calibrachoa is another colorful accent to pots, baskets, and boxes. This plant can reach a height of 8-10 inches and will flow over the sides of the container. This plant blooms all summer long, with little flowers in a variety of colors, including bi-colors. The Calibrachoa prefers direct sunlight, although it can also thrive in the shade. To keep the plant blooming, feed it with liquid fertilizer on a regular basis.


With the lovely marigold plant, you may bring a little brightness into your landscape and perfect to be sansevieria’s best friends. Marigolds are easy to grow and bloom all summer long. There are many different types of marigolds to pick from. Planting them alongside your snake plant creates a lovely aesthetic effect in your garden. Marigolds require more than 6 hours of direct sunlight per day. The soil in which they are planted must be well-drained, and the temperature must be warm. Marigolds are drought-resistant as well.


Fittonia albivenis is a wonderful houseplant to have. It can also be used to decorate tables, baskets, and glass containers. The green leaves of the plant have red, white, and pink veins running through them. Using different colored pots to house this plant may brighten up any environment. Similarly, the snake plant and the nerve plant, as the fittonia is sometimes known, would make wonderful sansevieria’s best friends. Nerve plants may grow in low to medium light environments. The leaves of this plant can get crisp and burnt if it receives a lot of sunshine.


The sun is a favorite of succulents. They need to be near a window since they enjoy strong light. They do, however, prefer artificial lighting, which is why they make such handy workplace ornaments. Succulents, like the snake plant, do not require regular watering since their leaves store water. Use a fertilizer if you expect them to grow quickly. Because succulents are slow-growing plants, they do not require pruning.

Benefits Of Sansevieria’s Best Friends

Plants are lovely to look at and have around the house. Have you ever wondered how to effortlessly brighten up your interiors or yard space? Choose sansevieria’s best friends is the solution! Planting a tall plant like the mother-in-tongue, law’s a snake plant, and a group of miniature succulents in the same container can make a statement. Add a plant that blooms blossoms in a variety of hues if you want something more vibrant.


Reasons why you should find the sansevieria’s best friends because, it’s an art to combine two different plants, and the best thing is that virtually anyone can do it. All you need to know is the conditions under which these plants can coexist. I’ve included a few for the choosing process in the following section. Even though the purchasing process is straightforward, picking the best companion plant for snake plants may prove challenging.

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