Save Dying Snake Plant?! Here’s The Secret Way! (2021)

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Snake plants are easiest plant to care and therefore, it is hugely popular with homeowners.

Because of their simple caring, most people think little of showering time for the…

…snake plants. Dying snake plant? Can it happened? How to save dying snake plant?!

If you water your snake plants more than once a week, you are overwatering them.

Reversely, when you not water your snake plants more less than a month, the underwatered…

…signs will be shown slowly. Look, snake plants should be watered every two to three weeks on general.

However, like any other plant, it might suffer from troubles. Having you scratching your head…

…and wondering why your snake plant is dying and how to brings him alive.

Before we late, it’s important to recognise these visual signs and take action to prevent your snake plant from dying.

Do you want to learn how to save dying snake plant?

We’ll show you how to save dying snake plant in this article.

But, try to check Ryan’s experience!

I did travel to Seattle for 2 weeks, and I have houseplants…

…one of those are snake plants. Sadly, I forgot to watered…

…my snake plants and I thought it would be fine…

…’cause I’ve ever read about snake plants are strong…


When I came back to my house, it shocked me…

…my snake plants’ leaves were yellowing and the soil…

…was cracked. I thought snake plants would…

…be fine if not being watered for 2 weeks…

…the reality was, no. I felt guilty, I can’t save my plants.

From now on, I want to learn how to save dying snake plant.

Having some problem?

Exactly, you’re at the right page!

We will let you know in this article about to save dying snake plant and don’t be like Ryan!

Houseplant choices range from tough and resilient plants to those that are very specific about their cultural needs, requiring perfect growing conditions to thrive.


What Causes of Dying Snake Plant?

Save dying snake plant 2

We need to know what can be caused our snake plant dying. It because:

  • Watering problems
  • Root rot
  • Temperature problems
  • Insect or fungal problems

Those are common causes and go explore one by one!

Let’s take a closer look…

Watering Problems

Save dying snake plant 3

Too much or too little watering are two few things that can really affect this plant, soaked soil will cause root rot.

Snake plant doesn’t tolerate with soggy or soaked soil. Soil that has become flooded with water can lead to…

…rotting roots and plant death. This can be avoided by growing a snake plant in well-drained and sandy soil.


To prevent the soggy soil in your plant, first just focus on you watering time, it must water the plant…

…on a constant schedule. Are the leaves can indicate the way we water the plant?

Absolutely, keep an eye on the plant’s leaves to see if you’re doing a good job of watering it.

How can I know if i’m doing a good job? Okay, you’re doing a terrific job if the leaves turn bright and green…

…But, if they look a little dull, you may need to add extra water.

But you know what else?

The watering practice may also affect with the soil’s condition…

…so, take a minute to read and remember these guides to watering:

  • Don’t water your plants too often! Let the soil dry out completely between waterings. You can check the soil first before you water the plant, if you feel moisture enough, means stop watering it.
  • If you can, better to water it from the bottom of the pot. It can boost the growth of the root and help the sturdiness of the leaves.
  • Pay attention to climate, during the winter, water less constantly than you did in the summer.

The commonly sign is from the leaves.

What’s more…

Root Rot

Causes and save dying snake plant

At the first, we already explain about watering problems.

If you still do overwatering to your snake plant, it might be root rot.

The snake plant is especially vulnerable to being overwatered which can result in root rot.

You know if the roots are taken over by root rot? It because a lack of oxygen…

…in the growing medium. The roots eventually die back caused by a lack of oxygen or a soil fungus overgrowth.

When you have the soggy soils, it enhance the growth and reproduction of fungi…

…which attack plants by spreading into the roots.

As healthy roots turn dark and mushy, it will unable to absorb the nutrients required for growth, slowly it will die.

Be a care person, because the snake plants will tell us if they have a problem with the roots.

Let me explain

These are some signs of root rot. They include:

  • Distasteful smells of soil or root, it because the roots getting rot and overwatering. Check your potting soil is it stinking or not. This sign is really quick to identify.
  • The leaves turning yellow or brown. This sign can be two causes, first, it caused by pests and second, it caused by root rot. So, genuinely check the moisture of the soil, if getting very wet, root rot is the answer.
  • Brown and mushy roots. Ensure a root rot situation, if the color of the root turning black and feel mushy, your chance to save dying snake plant is on the edge.
  • The leaves are drooping and wilting. It sign when your snake plant getting stress.

To avoid this, use a ceramic pot or another porous material as a container and the size of the pot.

The oversized pot will help overwatering happens. As a result, the plant struggles to drain extra water, and the soil…

…remains moist at all times. Choose the right size, because it can be affected the roots…

…will be growing slowly and hard to absorb the nutrients.

Believe it or not, next caused is…

Temperature Problems

Save dying snake plant 4

The difference between a thriving plant and one that appears…

…unsightly and sickly can be as simple as exposure to the correct temperatures.

If you leave a snake plant outside when the temperature drops below 55 degrees Fahrenheit…

…the leaves will become damaged. Because this is a continuous disease, prevention is important.

So, what is the best temperature for keep my snake plant healthy and safe?

Usually, it can be accomplished by keeping the snake plant between…

…60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 55 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit at night.


See your snake plant’s position, is direct sunlight passing through the plant? If yes, it may be burn the leaves and will…

…resulting in brown tips and brown spots. If it possible, move the plant farther from the direct sunlight…

…spot. So the snake plant only receives the bright, which suitable to keep them healthy.

So, what’s the next?

Insect Or Fungal Problems

Save dying snake plant 5

Mealybugs and spider mites are common pests of snake plants.

These pests feed on the plant’s sap, weakening it and causing small wounds and leaf shedding.

Usually, spider mites feed on the fluids contained inside snake plant leaves

through piercing the waxy layer and getting access to the internal fluids.

Snake plants are heavily infested should be discarded since pest control will take a long time…

…and you risk infecting other plants.

Now get this…

Mealybugs can be removed by handpicking them or splashing…

…them with alcohol. Hence, washing spider mites off the plant and improving…

…the humidity surrounding it are the best ways to get rid of them. Insecticidal treatment…

…is other solution for both pests. There’s a way to clean the leaves and keep away from the spider mites…

…And following these steps, you can save dying snake plant. How’s that? Here, mist your plant with water, then…

…gently wipe the spider mites off the leaves using a clean, soft cloth.

Take a note, keep your snake plant’s leaves dusty to prevent spider mites from nesting.

By now you know, spider mites thrive in dry environments so keep the humidity up around your plants.

That’s it for the causes of dying snake plant.

Let’s jump right in!

How To Save Dying Snake Plant?

Save dying snake plant 6

Being able to recognize that there is a problem in the first place is an amazing resource when dealing with it.

As previously, we already know what’s the causes. Now, we able to know how to save dying snake plant…

…in every symptomps we face.

Get it?

Watering Problems

Save dying snake plant 7

The most common problem is this. Overwatering or underwatering will always come up for us as the new gardener.

Listen, the one of step to save dying snake plant for this case is make sure the soil is completly dry before you water it.

It takes several days to get the snake plant ready to showered by us again. Wham! before do that…

…you should make a watering schedule and always check the soil with your finger is it ready to water or not.

If underwatering you should check the soil has not degraded to the point…

…where it no longer retains some moisture after watering.

So what?

If the water simply flows through and the soil dries completely within hours, you should consider…

…repotting into fresh potting soil. This step gonna be save dying snake plant well.

Read more in our article about watering guide.

Keep reading…

Lighting Problems

Save dying snake plant 8

If your plant does not receive enough light, it will struggle to properly photosynthesize. For the snake plant…

…perfectly place to put is indirect light but still receives light.

Artificial light it’s okay because it still can save dying snake plant. But you must keep it receives the light.

As the result is, your snake plant will be happy and healthy growth!

Let’s get things under way…

Insect or Fungal Problems

Save dying snake plant 9

First off, insect pests dislike the snake plant because of its thick waxy cuticle that covers its leaves.

The pests can be kept at bay by keeping an eye on them and preventing them to becoming established.

Sp, here’s the kicker to save dying snake plant! Wipe the insects away from the leaves with a clean and soft clothes…

…and add some alcohols on it. Sadly, It will be more difficult to find them than it will be to get rid of them.

And another thing…

Root Rot Problems

Save dying snake plant 10

Honestly, in this condition is hard to save dying snake plant.

So, you should do propagation your snake plant. But the first thing…

…the rotted roots should be cut. Be patient, continue cutting away…

…from the base of each leaf one inch at a time. It is extremely crucial that you always know where the top section of…

…each segment is located so that you do not begin your cutting off upside down.

At a glance…

The new plant will eventually grow, but it will take a long time.

Place the cuttings into a clear container that filled by water, and change the water once a week.

After six weeks, the roots will begin appear and congrats! You’re doing a great job to save dying snake plant!

For the full information, click here.

Sum Up

Now you know, having snake plant is easy but there’s a thing you should prevent right?

Don’t be like Ryan or give up when you know your snake plant is dying.

Because there’s a way to save dying snake plant. All things are possible if you do research and practice it!


Beside the low maintain care, this plant still need to be loved and cared.

Don’t think just because snake plant is strong and sturdy, you can do whatever you want like you don’t have a plant.

Do you have any questions about this? Or you have same experience to save dying snake plant?

Just comment below and happy gardening!

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