5 Best Seed Starting Trays Worth To Buy on Amazon!

Seed starting trays are a quick and easy way to cultivate flower, vegetable…

…and plant seedlings before transplanting them to your outside garden or potted planters.

However, not all seeding trays are created equal, and purchasing…

…the incorrect size or type can derail your gardening plans before they even get started.

Seed starting trays
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This article will teach you everything you need to know about seed starting trays…

…to seed beginning trays to avoid disappointment when starting seeds, including:

  • Testimonials for the best seed trays
  • If seed starting trays are essential
  • What features and accessories to look for before purchasing seed beginning trays 
  • Answers to frequently asked questions concerning seed trays

Let’s get started with seed-starting trays, which can help you simplify…

…your gardening and jump-start your spring garden.

Our Top Picks of Seed Starting Trays on Amazon

Bonviee Seedling Starter Trays


  • This kit is inexpensive and includes a large number of 1.5-inch cell trays
  • Trays are made of a material that allows direct contact with heat mats
  • Visual root inspection is possible due to the transparent material


  • It’s not truly a “kit,” but it does include cell tray inserts and labels (no base tray or lids)
  • There are some challenges in removing plants from the tray in a clean manner

Growers can monitor root development without having to remove seedlings from the tray with the Bonviee…

…Seedling Starter Tray Kit. The 12-cell trays are made of Polypropylene plastic, which is more durable than regular…

…trays and will not melt if placed on a heat mat. The cell size is suitable for putting six trays per normal 1020 flat…

…giving you 72 seedlings to transplant into your garden.

The kit allows you to plant five flats at once and can be washed and reused to extend the life of the flats.

Before we continue to the list of best seed starting trays, i’ve got the story that will make you know how important…

…the seed starting trays are. Here’s Jack’s story about his problem with seed starting trays needs.

Words from Jack

Hello my name is Jack.

During the quarantine, I’m staying at home…

…I adore gardening…

…When I get out of bed in the morning…

…I always spend my free time gardening in my backyard.

I’ve realized something, i need seed starting trays to make it easier.

But I haven’t yet discovered the finest seed starting trays…

…That’s exactly what I’m looking for. But I’m not sure…

…Concerning the specifics of each product and its…

…Advantages and drawbacks

Finally, I decided to go online and read an article…

…After learning about the benefits of seed starting trays…

After weighing the benefits and drawbacks of each product, I decided on one.

And now that I have seed starting trays, I can do my gardening more easily!

No matter how tall or wide a tree is, it started off a seed.”

Matshona Dhliwayo. Entrepreneur

Mr. Sprout And Co. Peat Pots For Seedlings


  • Biodegradable cell trays are ideal for organic gardening
  • Ensures that the plant is not damaged during the transplanting process
  • Seedlings can grow larger before they need to be transplanted because of the cell size


  • Each season, you’ll need to purchase extra cells, but the base trays are reusable
  • Because tray material dries out the soil, you’ll need to keep an eye on moisture levels

Mr. Sprout & Co. Peat Pots for Seedlings are made of durable, biodegradable cells that…

…allow you to put seedlings straight into pots or gardens with less mess and plant shock.

The seedling kit includes two reusable 1020 plastic flats to hold your peat pots…

…but the 100% organic and environmentally friendly peat cells eliminate the need for plastic.

The size of the cells has an effect on germination and seedling development.

To prevent root rot, the pressed-peat cell material enhances soil aeration and absorbs excess moisture.

keep reading…

Burpee Seed Starting Trays Kit


  • Self-watering flat, large cell trays, cover, soil, and tags are included in the set
  • Seedlings can develop larger before being transplanted thanks to the increased 2.5-inch cell size
  • The use of a base-watering tray decreases the risk of damping-off problems


  • Cell trays and watering mats can only be used a few times before they need to be replaced
  • Before using the pellets, they must be expanded
  • For the price, there is a limited amount of seed-growing space

A self-watering base tray and ample-size planting cells are included

in the Burpee Seed Starter Tray set for more extended seedling development.

The two cell trays fit precisely into the base tray, which contains a water…

…reservoir and a mat that safely delivers moisture to the plant’s roots to prevent overwatering.

The best thing is that this kit includes a cover and expandable coconut fiber pellets…

…so you won’t need to buy extra growing medium to get your seeds started.

I especially enjoy the self-watering tray and mat, which are missing from…

…other kits and allow you to leave on short trips without worrying about your plants dying.

SOLIGT Greenhouse Trays With Humidity Dome


  • It’s ideal for herbs or microgreens and can be used as a permanent planter
  • Components that are strong and reusable add value to the product
  • The tall, ventable cover boosts germination rates while keeping stems safe from crushing


  • Growing pellets are not included
  • Outside the base tray, condensation drops from the lid

The SOLIGT Greenhouse Trays are made up of three sections for easy cleaning.

The pellet holder can contain 25 peat-seeding pellets ranging in size from…

…30mm to 42mm, and the base tray provides channels for excess water to drain.

The translucent humidity dome has vents to allow for more ventilation and prevent mold formation.

The kit’s four trays will allow you to start 100 seedlings, and the recyclable material will last for several seasons.

The SOLIGT Greenhouse Trays are made up of three sections for easy cleaning.

The pellet holder can contain 25 peat-seeding pellets ranging in size…

…from 30mm to 42mm, and the base tray provides channels for excess water to drain.

The translucent humidity dome has vents to allow for more ventilation and prevent mold formation.

The kit’s four trays will allow you to start 100 seedlings, and the recyclable material will last for several seasons.

Loveday Grow Seed Starting Trays


  • Allows you to start a large number of plants at the same time
  • It’s the perfect size for getting most plants started to a solid start
  • Each tray has its own ventable dome


  • Because domes are so short, they must be removed when plants sprout
  • If left outside, the base trays can become brittle and shatter

With the Loveday Grow Seed Starting Trays, you can plant up to 240 seeds…

…ensuring that you have plenty of flower or vegetable seedlings ready to transplant.

A strong base, a 24-cell insert, and a clear plastic humidity dome are included in each tray “pack.”

To make seedling removal easier, the cells taper from broader at the top to smaller at the bottom.

All of the components’ materials are far tougher than my expectations for the price, and can be reused with care.

Here’s the thing…

Seed Starting Trays Buying Guide

Seed starting trays 1
credit: gardeningknowhow.com

Please take a few minutes to read more about whether you need seed starting trays…

…what materials they come in, and what other accessories or options…

…for beginning seeds are available before rushing to the garden center or ordering them online.

Don’t waste money on gardening supplies that you don’t need or that won’t perform as expected.

To expand your gardening equipment collection, it’s vital to make smart purchasing decisions.

Seed Starting Trays Materials And Construction

Most seed-starting trays are made of plastic and can be reused or discarded.

Some trays are biodegradable, so you don’t have to take the plants out of the cell before transplanting them.

You place the entire cell into the ground, and the plastic disintegrates over time…

…allowing the roots to extend out into the soil.

And finally…

Sum Up

You now have a better understanding of seed starting trays and how they…

…can help you enhance germination rates and extend your garden more cleanly and efficiently.

The Solight 4-Pack for pellets is a fantastic deal for the number of plants you may start, is reusable…

…and the procedure is simpler than messy soil for those on a budget.

For those looking for the best overall seed starting kit, I recommend the Burpee…

…Self-watering Seed Starting System, which comes with everything you need to start seeds right away.


Seed starting trays are a simple method to keep track of your early garden planting.

Even better, starting seeds is significantly less expensive than buying plants…

…from a garden center, allowing you to construct the lush garden of your dreams on any budget!

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