Top 5 Small Resin Storage Sheds In The Market: Our Best Picks

Small resin storage sheds

Following our previous article on top 5 large resin storage shed recommendations, we know present to you its opposite: a recommendation of the best 5 small resin storage sheds!

If you’re looking for durable yet small resin storage sheds, you’ll want to read on!

Each small resin shed has its own unique features and benefits that should be considered before making a purchase.

So whether you’re in the market for a small shed or a large one, read on to get all the information you need!

About small resin storage sheds

Recommended resin sizes

Small resin storage sheds are a great option for anyone looking for a minimal storage space.

However, before making a purchase, it’s important to measure your shed to avoid any surprises down the road.

PowerShed writes: What exactly is the standard size of resin sheds?

Well, there are many different sizes of sheds on the market, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs.

Here are some common resin shed sizes:

  • Small (10″x12″ or 8″x12″): This size is perfect if you’ve found that your garage is overflowing with light yard work or gardening supplies. The push mower, flower pots, tools, and lawn equipment may all be easily and successfully decluttered in a 10″x12″ or 8″x12″ shed.
  • Medium (10″x16″ or 8″x16″): This shed has the potential to accommodate every item you need for all four seasons, including a riding mower, snowblower, or larger-sized yard tools. View the most popular medium-sized shed designs here.
  • Large (12”x20” or 12”x24”): A shed so massive, you’ll sublet space to your neighbors! A 12”x24” is the most common shed size for large footprints. Nearly the size of a garage, this can hold practically anything and everything you need — including multiple sets of tools, riding mowers, pieces of equipment, ATV’s, yard games, bicycles, and more.

Top 5 small resin storage sheds

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If you’re in the market for a shed that can accommodate a variety of small items, look no further than the small resin storage sheds on the market.

Affordable and durable, these small resin storage sheds are an excellent investment for anyone with a yard of space to spare.

They also come from trusted, reliable brands which manufacture awesome outdoor storage sheds.

Many also come with shelving and storage options, making them convenient for storing everything from toys to furniture.

Whether you’re a first time shed buyer or you’re upgrading your shed, be sure to check out the top 5 large resin storage sheds on the market today.

Need more recommendations of best resin storage shed in this fresh year of 2022? We got that, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my existing building to install a large resin shed instead?

The answer to this question is dependent on the type of shed you are looking to install.

If you are looking to install a traditional wooden shed, then it is likely that your building would not be able to support the weight of such a shed.

If, however, you are looking to install a resin shed, then your building may be able to support the weight of a shed of this type.

The best way to determine whether or not your building can support a resin shed is to speak with an experienced shed installer.

What are some things to consider when selecting a size for my resin shed?

The size of shed will be based on the floor space available and the amount of storage space you need.

In general, a 10×12 shed will require approximately 2,000 square feet of floor space; a 12×18 shed will require approximately 3,600 square feet of floor space.

The height of the shed should also be considered; a taller shed will require more floor space.

A 14×20 shed will require approximately 5,400 square feet of floor space.

How can I choose the right resin shed for my needs?

You can find information about shed resin on the Home Depot website.


Looking for a small resin shed that will fit your needs and budget?

Look no further! Above we have reviewed the top 5 small resin sheds on the market.

Not only is this shed small yet durable enough for your storage needs, but it is also built with quality materials that will last.

So if you’re in the market for a durable, small resin shed, make sure to check out these recommendations!

You can also find more things on our website, such as how to build a lean to resin shed and the best shed brands in each continent.

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