Why Snake Plant Flowering? Amazing Facts You Probably Don’t Know (2021)

Also called Mother-in-law’s tongue, Viper Bowstring hemp, Flowers of the Snake Plant – Snake plant (Sansevieria) is a plant that grows from the Mediterranean basin to southern Asia. People are often unaware that Sansevieria trifasciata (a rugged, ubiquitous houseplant) can sometimes flower. Yes, it is snake plant flowering is a thing.

Plants living outdoors all year round, usually in the springtime, and on rare occasions will experience this phenomenon.

Snake Plant Flowering

Snake plants make excellent houseplants. During the winter, you could leave them without care for months while going on vacation, without concern for them. You can choose from so many different types and varieties. Flowering snake plants, or mother-in-law’s tongues, are indeed flowering plants. Occasionally, these ever-present, hardy houseplants flower, even though it is extremely unlikely. There are only a few exceptions, including Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Hahnii’. Nest of a bird.

What do the flowers look like?

Flowers grow along the long, erect flower stalks or spikes when mother-in-law plants bloom. As tall as 3 feet (app. one meter) and strewn with small flowers, these flower stalks grow quickly. The flowers on each stem resemble honeysuckle and lilies. The narrow, clustered flowers have narrow petals. Only one flower stalk can grow on the plant at any given time. At the base of some flowers, near the soil line, they grow. Many varieties of Sansevieria don’t even have flower stalks, instead the flowers grow directly from the base in large clusters.

DThere are many different kinds and colors of flowers depending on the variety of plant.White, light yellow, light green, pale pink, lavender, and mauve are common colors. Red flowers can even be found on some species. Cream or greenish white flowers typically grow on Sansevieria trifasciata.

Despite being beautiful, slender and elegant, these flowers cannot usually be used for flower arrangements because they are too fragile. Don’t try to change them.

How Do You Take Care When Snake Plant Flowering?

In public settings and on your grandma’s windowsill, you’re sure to have seen Mother-in-Law’s Tongue or Snake Plants. In spite of neglect, these plants multiply rapidly. Regardless of the lighting conditions. It is often neglect that leads to a plant blooming.

Taking care of your garden doesn’t require any special skills! As long as they have ample light levels and little water, these plants spread rapidly and become root-bound very quickly if left to their own devices.

Blooming is often triggered by this. The reason for this is neglect gives the plant the message that it is going to die from drought. In this way, plants produce flowers (seeds) in the hopes of spreading and thriving.

How Big Is The Flower And What Does It Look Like?

Flowers are accompanied by tall spikes or stalks when it blooms. Flowers resemble honeysuckle and grow up to three feet tall with small, honeysuckle-like leaves and blooms.

Does It Have A Fragrance?

Its blossoms emit a wonderful scent at night, and the blossom stems are covered in very sweet, sticky nectar. It is dark when the blossoms open and the daytime when they close.

How Long Do Snake Plants Flowers Last?

The duration of the blooms is unknown. If the blooms die back, make sure to remove the roots of the flower stalks to help the plant conserve energy and look tidy.

What makes the plants bloom?

Snake plants are tolerant and can survive harsh conditions, but they may not bear flowers. It is not known exactly what conditions plants need to flourish. Even after caring for a plant for decades, it may not flower. However, few plants can bloom every year despite frequent neglect. In fact, they seem to thrive when neglected a little.

Many people want their plants to be attentive and nice, but this might sound counter-intuitive. This is where Sansevieria differ from other houseplants. Overall, maintenance is less of a hassle. When the weather gets cold, show them the sun once in a while and water them sparingly.


Plants must be at least a certain age before they bloom, but this isn’t a known fact. Even plants that are a couple years old can flower once a year, according to anecdotal evidence.al evidence. Nevertheless, the older the plant gets, the more likely it is to flower.Optimal conditions improve the likelihood of flowering in mature plants.. In the first season after they have been moved, some plants will not bloom.

Pot condition

Snake plants produce flowers when they are moderately stressed. Does this make sense logically? Plants that are left alone can spread quickly and become root-bound quickly if they are not given sufficient water and bright light. Whenever plants are unable to produce new shoots, they try to propagate themselves by producing flowers.

Your plant would be stimulated to flower if it is overcrowded. You cannot guarantee that your potted plant will bloom if it is pot bound. It is also difficult to pinpoint the reason as there are numerous factors to consider including species, soil, location, warmth, and overfeeding.

It’s also important to keep in mind that a snake plant rosette can bloom only once. It is also important to provide the right conditions so that these plants can grow every year so that they can bloommaintain their growth outdoors at a normal pace, re-potting the pups will help them grow faster and won’t have to waste time digging themselves out of the soil. trying to find a way out.

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