How To Make Snake Plant Grow Taller, Amazing Tips You Need! (2021)

Do you have snake plants that looks like doesn’t grow taller and looking for solutions? Don’t loose hope because you can actually make your snake plant grow taller with some tips. Don’t miss out and read this tips to make your snake plant grow taller!

Tips To Make Snake Plant Grow Taller

Give Them Space to Grow

One of the way to make snake plant grow taller is to give them space to grow. Even the simplest things can be overlooked, which seems gleefully obvious but is really quite often the case. Your snake plant will grow faster and look healthier if you repot it into a pot that’s 2″ larger than the current one, and replace the soil.

Snake plants can be encouraged to grow taller by dividing them, repotting them in 1-gallon containers, and using a 50/50 mix of well-draining potting soil and cactus potting soil.

Since snake plants grow slowly, and since they do produce pups, you should (and can) propagate them so that more resources are devoted to growing taller.

Climate Control

The funny thing is, snake plants need good air flow to grow tall and strong, so they are often grown indoors to improve air quality.

The best way to improve air flow is to grow your plant in a terracotta pot since they’re porous and allow for much better circulation of air.

In addition, the plant’s location is important. It is better to place it near an air vent or window because the more air there is, the better the soil will dry, preventing soggy soil from rotting the roots.

When you put the plant near an air vent, it may need to be moved in the winter, or when there are cold drafts from strong winds, since they prefer good circulation but do not do well with too much cold air.

The temperature must be consistent


If your snake plant is in a low-light area indoors, move it! The lack of sunlight will slow its growth.

The snake plant is supposed to grow well in low-light conditions, like a shady corner of your room. While it is true that it can grow in low light, its growth will be ridiculously slow in these conditions.

They prefer indirect sunlight, but can tolerate a certain amount of direct sunlight for up to two hours.

You can cause leaf burn by placing your plant too close to a window so, if you notice scorch marks (yellowing or browning of the leaf tips), you should either move the plant or apply a window film to filter the sunlight.


It can be tricky to grow houseplants, especially succulents. You need to remember that these plants absorb water from the humidity in a room. They are, after all, air plants.

Keeping the soil moist is all that is required. Not soaking wet, just moist.

Soaking succulents will result in mushy leaves, which then rot, completely ruining the plant. So it’s better to keep them underwater so they can drink without being forced to get the soil dry.

It is only necessary to water snake plants when the top inch of soil is dry to the touch. In the summer, this will usually be weekly, but your schedule may change based on the weather. In winter, you will need less water, so don’t follow a watering schedule.

When watering these, be sure to use a planter with drainage holes and tepid water to prevent the soil from dropping in temperature. Drenching the soil so that water pours out of the drainage holes is the proper way to water a snake plant.

An hour is generally enough time for the snake plant to drink what it needs from a saucer; otherwise, it will continually absorb water. If the saucer is used, remove it after an hour so that the water does not evaporate and cause the soil to continuously absorb more moisture than it needs.

Snake Plant That Won’t Grow Tall

Twisted Sister grows to be 15″ tall when mature, but can reach 12″ as well.

Another dwarf variety with rosette-like growth is the Golden Hahnii. At maximum, they reach a height of 12″.

Sansevieria Ehrenbergii ‘Banana’ is a dwarf species reaching only 6″.

When mature, the snake plant Cleopatra measures 11″.

In contrast to the Golden Hahnii, the Kenya Hyacinth grows in larger clusters and can reach a mature height of 16″.

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