Why Snake Plant Turning White? Superb Guide For Beginner (2021)

Why snake plant turning white? there is case where a few leaves on a snake plant had a slight white discoloration the other day as was tending to it. You might be experiencing problems with your snake plant if its color fades and it turns a weird shade of white:

Causes of Snake Plant Turning White

Too Much Light

It’s common for snake plants to look bleached white when they are actually white. Too much sunlight can cause your plant to develop this white effect. A plant’s leaves turn white under the intense sun and lose their color. By moving it out of direct sunlight, you should notice a significant improvement. It won’t give your plants their natural color back, but it will stop them from becoming more bleached. The snake plant on my own almost always turns white for this reason.


A snake plant won’t turn white when overwatered, but it will turn yellow when the leaves become swollen and blotchy. Those leaves with root rot (a disease caused by overwatering) spread quickly, so make sure to remove them before they spread. If you suspect that your plant is suffering from root rot, you should let the soil completely dry out before watering again.

Lack Of Potassium

Snake plants often suffer from a lack of necessary vitamins if sunlight and watering are not the problem. Add a few drops of houseplant fertilizer to your water jug to combat this problem. Ensure the soil is well mixed before pouring directly into the planting hole. The fertilizer process can only be done twice a year otherwise your plant could be burnt.

Exposure To Light

Both bright and dark environments are suitable for the snake plant to thrive. Although it can withstand strong sunlight for short periods of time, it turns white when exposed to it for a long time. Almost as if the plant is being bleached or scorched, it might kill your plants if it goes on for too long.

Fungal Disease

Plants can be damaged by pathogenic fungi like the southern blight (Sclerotium Rolfsii). The snake plant’s leaves develop white spots and patches that may seem dry and rough at first.  A fungus causes this disease. As soon as they’re exposed to the sun, they turn brown. As they harden, other plant parts, such as the roots, are also affected


Solution for snake plant turning white can be found if you already know the reason why snake plant turning white You should bring the bleach inside the moment you notice it. There is no way to get rid of the whitening. You can save your plant by keeping it in the environment where it is likely to thrive.

Sunlight is very important to the success of your snake plant. You should keep it indoors where you can get dappled or diffused sunlight.  White spots on the plant can be removed by cutting off the affected part and letting the rest of the plant grow normally. 

Make sure the leaves don’t get wet. Plants eventually die because wet leaves encourage fungus growth. Make sure you only pour water on the plants’ soil when you water them. When you see mildew, use fungicides containing sulfur, neem oil, and potassium bicarbonate. If you catch an infection early on or as a preventative care, these treatments are very effective. Even if you cut the plant and decide to compost it, don’t put it in your compost since the mildew can still spread through the wind and infect other plants.

A repot might be needed if the situation is extremely serious. The potting mix should drain freely and be a combination of succulents and cacti. If not, you can simply remove the affected leaves and nourish your plant. Make sure you water your plants with filtered or rainwater you have collected from the roof.

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