Boost The Growth Of Your Sturdy Snake Plants! (2021)

What To Do To Boost My Snake Plants Growth?


Snake Plants can survive in extreme weather. Even though it is strong, it needs an adaption towards a new environment. The plants might have been shocked by the packaging, traveling, and repotting. Leaving the plant as it is suggested would be better. To find out if the plant needs water, you need to check the soil.

The plant should be watered if it is dry. It is best to leave the plant alone for a week or two so that it can adapt to the new environment and try not to add any chemicals yet.

Humidor Dry

This sturdy plant can grow in low-light areas and bright lighting conditions. There are repercussions for the situation. Under bright light, the water will be absorbed quickly, and the soil will go dry sooner. There is a chance that the snake plant may experience leaf burn. If grown in the low light area, the snake plant will thrive, but the foliage could be different. The snake plant is perfect for room temperature and loves bright light.

The cold draft doesn’t suit the snake plant, and winter isn’t in the game. We should remove the snake plant from the window sill during the wintertime as it will be wet near the window. When there’s too much water on the plant it can be rotten. 

Season of Growth

There is a growing season for the snake plant. Do you know when? It starts from spring to summer! It’s good news if you live in a tropical country. During these seasons we can boost the growth by providing fertilizer. The plant can grow up to three feet in length! However, It depends on the kind of snake plant.

The snake plant doesn’t show any growth during the wintertime. Do not provide the snake plants with fertilizers. The plant can absorb humidity during the winter. Else, if your plant doesn’t show any new growth during the winter, you shouldn’t worry since they’re taking a rest.


Soil is the most crucial factor that helps a plant grow because it absorbs all the minerals and nutrients from the soil.The type of soil we use for the snake plant’s growth plays an essential role. If we use potting soil that is not well-draining, then the soil might get overwatered easily, and we will face overwatering issues.Thus, the type of potting soil plays an important role. The best potting soil mix that is suggested for the snake plant is:

  • Take a well-draining potting soil
  • Take cactus soil in the same ratio
  • Add some compost to the mixture

The potting soil and the cactus soil should be in the ratio of 1:1, and the compost should be around 25% of the soil.Cactus soil will help in the snake plant’s desired minerals and nutrients along with excellent drainage because the snake plant is a succulent.Compost helps in all the micronutrient and macronutrient factors.


The snake plants, like all the other houseplants, require pruning to grow bushier. Pruning helps the plant lose the unrequired leaves and allows the plant to grow as desired.

There could be some leaves on the snake plant that has turned brown or yellow. Some rhizome may be going in a hay-wired direction. For getting the plant to the right shape and size a good pruning is required for the snake plant.If you have never pruned your snake plant, it might be the cause behind your snake plant’s stunted growth.

We understand that it might be difficult for all to chop the plant that shows no signs of trouble. However, it is required by all the houseplants.A little pruning will help the snake plant get bushier and grow healthy.  

Sum Up!

You can boost your snake plants’ growth indeed! Share your story with us by dropping a comment below!

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