Do Snake Plants Flower? Stunning Facts to Astound You! (2021)

In addition to snake plants, mother-in-law’s tongue is also one of the latest indoor gardening trends. Perennial plants are known for their ability to thrive in a wide range of environmental conditions. A beautiful green snake plant is the perfect starter plant for anyone new to gardening. Another of its most appealing features is its low-maintenance nature and the fact that it virtually doesn’t require gardening. Are snake plants capable of flowering? Are they blooming every year? This guide will walk you through the process of blooming this indoor plant.

The Snake Plant Blooms? – Here’s the Fact

It is true that snake plants bloom! Some snake plants are rare enough to bloom, but you might find one stalk sporting buds in some rare cases. Despite being white, they remind us of lilies, even giving off a lily-like odor. Although it is a pleasant scent that fills the room with a sweet scent, it can also attract pests. 

When Does Snake Plant Flower?

Snake plants grow flowers only once a year during spring on those that are grown outdoors. It is more important to note that flowering in snake plants indicates that they are stressed. The most common reason the pant grows flowers is because it is neglected. The snake plant doesn’t require a lot of care, so it can be neglected if it doesn’t get enough sunlight or water. For the plant, this is a sign that it needs to stimulate flower growth so that the flower can spread, take root, and grow healthily once again. 

How to Make Snake Plant Flower

To boost their growth, most plants require lots of maintenance and care, but not the snake plant! Ignoring this plant is the best thing you can do for it. That’s right! You read it correctly! Snake plants are unlikely to bloom flowers. It is so beautiful that you don’t have to do anything to make it bloom! These steps will still allow you to grow flowers on the snake plant even if the plant refuses to grow flowers. 

The first thing you need to do is keep the plant in an outdoor location where it can get sunlight. Also, refrain from watering your plant regularly. In the summer, once a week is more than enough. Watering does not need to be done in areas with frequent rainfall. Plants do not need to be fertilized often. Feeding it too much reduces the chance of it blooming.  

Snake plants need to be root bound in order to bloom indoors. When plants outgrow their containers, they become rootbound. So that the snake plant can bloom, we want to rootbound it. Your plant should be potted in a tighter or smaller container to ensure this. Finally, don’t change anything. The stalk might begin to sprout tiny, white or creamy blooms if you leave it alone for a while. Additionally, snake plants do not like frosty winters, so keep your plant inside during the winter months. 

3 Reasons Your Snake Plant Isn’t Blooming

It is best not to expect your snake plant to bloom regularly. For this to occur, the plant needs to be at least a couple of years old, and even then, flowers may not appear every year. It takes nothing but ignoring your plant for it to bloom, as I mentioned previously. A snake plant has a better chance of blooming if you don’t take good care of it. So, don’t be disappointed if your plant doesn’t bloom! There are a few reasons why they don’t flower –

Your Plant’s Age

A plant that is less than a year old has a low chance of blooming. For them to bloom, they need to be at least a couple of years old. The plants will also not bloom in the first season after being moved. 

The Consistency of Watering 

Overwatering or regularly watering your plant might be the issue.Water needs to be provided to snake plants all year round, especially in winter. During summer, make sure that you water the plants weekly so that they remain healthy. However, be sure that the soil is dry before watering again. 


You should not place snake plants in freezing temperatures since their blooms require plenty of sunlight. Put them near a window where there is plenty of light even if they are inside. Besides these common reasons, your plants’ blooming may also depend on their type, their location, their temperature, and whether they have been overfed. A snake plant’s flowers are unpredictable, and no amount of diligence or indifference can guarantee their blooming. 

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