How Does The Snake Tongue Plant Affect My Environment? 101 Reasons Why You Should Keep Them! (2021)

“How does the snake tongue plant affect my environment?”

Perhaps you ask this question because you want to keep one for yourself at home. Yes, having plants inside your house is the best decision. Especially if the plants you keep are snake plants. They have many benefits both for you and the people in your house. For example, they can purify the air, improve air quality, and also kill allergens. Furthermore, these plants make wonderful decorative pieces that add life and vitality to any space, even your bedrooms!

An Oxygen Producing Houseplant

According to a study published by Harvard University Extension, snake plants produce the most oxygen of any houseplant. Additionally, pothos and ficus are included.Nighttime carbon dioxide conversion and oxygen release by plants are very rare. There are only a few species of snake plant in this category.

Snake plants also provide oxygen throughout the day, in addition to removing various toxins from your home. Thanks to the lush greenery, you can breathe easier at any time of day. It has been discovered that plants that release oxygen all day can enhance sleep quality. A snake plant can create an oxygen-rich, cooler home environment.

The Ability To Absorb Carbon Dioxide

An indoor CO2 implications study in 2015 found that humans who breathe more carbon dioxide at home, at work, and in the classroom have difficulties performing and learning. We are directly affected by CO2 levels, which can make us dizzy and impair our performance. Snake plants, which are also called mother-in-law’s tongue, have been found to absorb carbon dioxide. An experiment at Naresuan University, Thailand, measured carbon dioxide levels in offices when using snake plants (Sansevieria trifasciata) measuring 60-80 cm tall.

It Removes Air Pollutants

It is well known that snake plants help remove toxic pollutants from the air, which is one of the best health benefits they provide. It can also absorb benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene in addition to CO2. This cancer-causing pollution is well known for its danger. A NASA experiment conducted in 1989 on indoor plants showed that plants with larger leaf surfaces (bigger, leafier plants) clean the air more effectively. Surprisingly, snake plants are among them.

Fewer Allergies

Another answer to how does the snake tongue plant affect my environment is because the snake plant has the ability to reduce the risk of allergies. How is it possible? Smooth leaves of snake plants make them resistant to allergens as well as dust particles. According to studies, snake plant residents tend to suffer from fewer symptoms of respiratory disorders, fewer headaches, and fewer lung disorders. The result is a decrease in dust particle allergies and airborne allergies. Snake plants provide relief from migraines, prolonged colds, sinusitis, and excessive sneezing.

Snake Plants Can Repel Mosquito!

The problem with growing plants is that bugs and mosquitoes often flock to them. if you are one of them who think this way, then we can assure you that you do not have to worry. Snake plants, on the other hand, are your friends. The saponin in snake plants repels mosquitoes. 

Adding snake plants to your garden will keep the mosquitoes away, preventing itchy skin. It is possible to keep the beautiful shrub indoors to keep them away from insects and disease. You can keep mosquitoes away by keeping a snake plant around you.


Now that you have known how does snake tongue plant affect my environment, have you decided to keep snake plants in your house? these plants are easy to care for and also have many benefits for you and the people in your house. Furthermore, these plants make wonderful decorative pieces that add life and vitality to any space. They even have benefits in feng shui!

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