Is Your Soil Turning Green? Find Out The Accurate Answer (2021)

Why Is My Soil Turning Green?

Because algae, mold, or moss is forming in the soil of your potted plant, the soil turning green. You may notice some green debris on the potting soil after you’ve been growing potted plants for a while right? Because of too much moisture, humidity, inadequate air circulation, and decomposing material, they will grow in the soil. Although most of these aren’t harmful to the plant, they might nonetheless have an impact on its growth.

Soil Turning Green Is Bad Or?

The main reason to answer your curiosity. Algae, mold, or moss are examples of green development in potting soil. None of these will hurt your plant in any way. Let’s break down it one by one.

  • Algae is a type of aquatic plant that thrives on damp, sunny surfaces. Algae come in a variety of colors, but the chlorophyll in them gives them a green appearance. On the potting soil, algae will form but will not harm the plant.
  • Mold is a fungus that decomposes organic materials like fabrics, wood, and food. Mold can be discovered both inside and outside the home. They come in a variety of colors, including white, green, and brown. The majority of molds are innocuous to potted plants, but some might be harmful.
  • Moss is a non-rooting plant that grows in pots and garden beds on the soil. Moss is typically green, although it can also be brownish, black, white, or silver. Mosses do not absorb any nutrients from the soil, thus they are not hazardous to your potted plants. They collect sunlight to aid root growth and transmit water to their roots through their leaves.

The Problems

The problem with algae, mold or moss growing in potting soil is that they will fight for nutrients and moisture with the plant. The plant will not have the resources it needs to thrive, and its growth will be stunted. Algae, mold, and moss can also cause problems if they dry up and become hard. This will cause a crust to build on the soil, preventing water from penetrating deeply. Your plant will become underwatered and its leaves will turn yellow and droop if it does not receive the necessary moisture. Humans and pets can be poisoned by molds. They may also contain allergens, which can trigger allergic reactions if you or your pets come into contact with them.

How Can We Prevent The Soil Turning Green?

To remove algae, mold, or moss and prevent the soil turning green, follow the procedures listed below.

Scrape The Material Off The Soil

The simplest technique is to clear the stuff from the soil’s surface using few paper towels. You could also scrape the debris from the potting soil with a spoon. If you inhale the mold, it can damage your breathing. Make sure to use face and eye protection. If you want to be sure that all green material is gone, remove an inch of potting soil from the top.

Use Antifungal Spray

To prevent your soil turning green cause algae, mold, or moss, try a natural antifungal cure. Cinnamon can be sprinkled on the soil’s surface as a solution. This is a naturally occurring antifungal agent that will kill such green stuff. To kill the green stuff, make a solution of 1 part baking soda to 9 parts water and spray it on the potting soil.

Expose The Potting Soil To Sunlight

To get rid of mold from the potting soil, position your potted plant in direct sunlight. This method will only work if the problem is caused by mold on your plant growing in the shadow. Algae and moss thrive under direct sunlight. If the plant isn’t sun-sensitive, expose the potting soil to the sun for a few hours each day until the mold is gone.

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