Amazing Tips How To Spawn Snake Plant in Water (2021)

Did You know you can grow snake plant in water? There are few things you need to take note and this article will help you with that

Rooting Snake Plant in Water

To root snake plant in water. Select a container that is tall enough to accommodate the leaf. Choose a healthy leaf that isn’t too old and cut it off with clean, sharp shears. Put just enough water in the cut end of the leaf to cover the bottom fourth of the tissue. Replace the water every couple of days and place the container in indirect light. Little roots will appear soon. Plant the rooted leaf in sand or peat moss and care for it as usual.

Soil Vs. Water Methode

Cuttings require roots to “take” and exist on their own, so if there aren’t any at the start, you’ll need to encourage the cutting to grow some. This can be accomplished by directly putting the clipping in potting compost (Soil method). Alternatively, keep water in a small container, vase, or glass that you change and refill every few weeks (Water method).

In general, adopting the soil approach reduces the number of steps involved in propagation because once the plant has rooted, all that is left is to grow it. Keep in mind, however, that the cutting will require greater attention to avoid being over or underwatered. Some propagation materials aren’t ideal for the water approach, so you’ll have to resort to the soil method in those cases.

If you choose the water approach, you’ll eventually have to pot up the fresh cutting into soil, which has a slight risk of failure because the sensitive roots may be damaged while transferring. The water approach, on the other hand, is quick and free.

However, neither method is foolproof, so in general, we recommend choosing the method that you like the best or that is the most feasible for you at the time. Alternatively, you might attempt both with multiple cuttings.

How To Propagate Snake Plant

It’s simple to learn how to grow snake plants. Although too much water will harm your plant, roots a snake plant in water is one of the most reliable approaches. You can also root the plant from cuttings, however dividing it is the quickest way to get a new snake plant.

The plant is made up of rhizomes that grow together and multiply as the plant matures. This procedure is similar to the one you apply in the garden on your old perennials. Let’s get started creating kids by choosing a method of snake plant propagation.

Propagation Equipment

We’re frequently asked if any specific equipment is required for successful propagation. In the vast majority of circumstances, you can get by with just a few basic tools. Sometimes all you need is a pair of kitchen scissors (and, if you’re roots in soil, a simple plant pot and some compost).

However, using Rooting Hormone Powder and a Heated Propagating Mat will typically yield better results. Both of these things promote the formation of roots at a far faster rate than if you simply let nature take its course. They’re also not prohibitively costly, since you should be able to obtain both for less than $20 / £15 if you shop around.

Obviously, if you’re only going to propagate one plant, these items aren’t going to be worth your money. However, if you plan on doing it frequently (or are an avid outside gardener), they’re worth considering because you’ll get your money’s worth in the long term. Below is an Amazon-sold propagation mat that we like (just click the picture to go there).

So, you’ve decided on a method for rooting the cuttings. There are some quick jump page connections below if you know how you’re going to get the new plant material.

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