The Surprising Benefits Of Office Plants To Your Health And Well-being (2021)

What is the surprising benefits of office plants? There is more to growing plants in an office than making the work environment look better, if you have seen people do that. You could try growing plants if you are feeling depressed at work or unable to make progress in your career.

Improving Productivity

Indoor plants can increase productivity and concentration by 15 percent, according to studies conducted at the University of Exerter. The simple addition of plants to your office will improve your staff’s efficiency and productivity. In addition to improving productivity, these plants can also benefit you in many ways. Check it out!

Improve Mood

Indoor plants increase positivity and have a positive impact on our mood. Studies have shown that they reduce loneliness and depression and help us feel soothed and more relaxed. One of the ways they do this is by regulating humidity levels of the air around us. If your office is feeling drab and depressed, introducing indoor plants can help to lift the mood and morale of your employees, leading to a more productive and successful work environment.

Remove Toxins

In 1989, a NASA study called the ‘Clean Air Study’ found that a number of plants filter toxins from the air we breathe. Chemicals from synthetic materials that are found in everyday life contaminate our air. Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are chemicals that can irritate people and cause cancer. Those exposed to these chemicals may become ill if there is inadequate air circulation.

Among the most common pollutants in our air are trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, ammonia, xylene, and benzene. According to NASA’s study, some plants are able to absorb their toxins and produce cleaner oxygen, making the air in our homes safer by filtering out harmful chemicals. Several species of plants showed a remarkable ability to reduce air pollutants by as much as 87 per cent in only 24 hours. The effect of indoor plants in your office might promote better health among your colleagues, as well as potentially reduce sick days taken by your staff.

Stylish Design

Since the last few years, indoor plants have become increasingly popular, and it only appears that this trend will continue. Plants can be a visual focus or something interesting to look at in some settings, giving people something to look at. Plants simply bring joy to many people because of their aesthetic value. Your office space can feel more comfortable with plants on your desk, and having a good-looking workspace with plants may lift the spirits of everyone in your office.

The Winners

English ivy is the answer if you looking for the surprising benefits of office plants. Ivy is a popular outdoor plant that does well indoors as well. English Ivy is one of the best plants on the planet when it comes to filtering the air, as it is capable of removing all five of the most common pollutants found in our indoor environments. Also, English Ivy is low maintenance, which makes it a good option for an office plant. It is not picky about humidity or temperature as long as the soil is dry to the touch. Most conditions will be fine for it, but it is not suited to shade.

This plant may not be appropriate for your office if it receives little sunlight or if it is dark. Despite the fact that Ivy can survive for a while in low light, it becomes spindly and unattractive, and its leaves drop. Those who do not provide enough light will lose the distinctive colors of variegated ivy.

The next winner is the snake plant. This plant is the toughest. Snake plants come in many different varieties, and the one here actually survived multiple months without watering, in low light. Unfortunately, it had been confined to a corner with some furniture my clients are keeping at my home while construction continues (yeah, my home has become a warehouse, and some suppliers don’t have storage on site or charge for it).

We didn’t notice this poor plant at the corner because it was covered with furniture. In spite of not watering the plant for 6 months, 2 out of the 4 leaves survived! What a miracle plant! A bit of spring cleaning brought it to my attention! The plant is now being watered twice a week (due to the increasingly hot weather). In general, weekly watering is a good idea. You should not let six months go by without watering! (It was unfortunate that this happened). That’s why I recommend snake plants on this list of surprising benefits of office plants.

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