The Bagua In Feng Shui: The Amusing Ultimate Guide For Your Snake Plant Placement [2021]

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Not only do plants make a space look more appealing…

…but they also bring the energy and beauty of nature inside your home or office.

In addition, houseplants can be nurturing and healing for your energy according to feng shui principles.

Feng shui is the art and practice of arranging objects and spaces to achieve absolute harmony.

According to National Geographic, this technique is a Taoist method,…

…and its central notion is that every living thing is inhabited by chi or life energy.

Hear it from Hana!

I have a friend who believes in everything supernatural…

Things ranging from astrology, feng shui, Vastu shastra, etc.

He incorporates all that in everything he does at home…

… primarily the placements and choices of indoor plants he has.

I personally don’t really believe in that kind of stuff…

…but seeing him in his zone really amuses me.

It seems like everything he does is perfect, in order, and amazing…

Every time I step into his house, I feel calmness and peace and luck…

…and everything in between!

Sometimes, I wish I could understand those beliefs for my own luck!

Do you feel the same?

It is important to follow certain guidelines when it comes to the best plants for good feng shui energy…

Here we go…

Feng Shui And plants

The bagua of feng shui

One particular feng shui element: wood, can be strengthened by decorating with living houseplants.

You can breathe life into your space by using the wood element.

It inspires growth, action, and compassion.


The color green—the hue of many plants—is symbolic of healing…

As a matter of fact, feng shui is about seeing the connection between multiple aspects…

There aren’t necessarily good and bad feng shui plants…

Then again, some plants are commonly recommended to be used in feng shui…

… while others can be more challenging to incorporate into good energy. 

The next is…

The Best Feng Shui Plants

Feng shui 2

Plants often have soft leaves that tend to have a greater effect on feng shui…

…so you want to ensure they’re well cared for.

In general, plants with rounded leaves tend to promote calming, nourishing energy.

There are several plants that are good for feng shui:

Areca Palm

Feng shui 3

The areca palm is a great plant for air purification and for feng shui.

It has beautiful, slender leaves that fan out. It requires indirect light, and it grows very large.

Boston Fern

Feng shui 4

You can grow Boston ferns indoors as long as you have enough light…

… and the miniature varieties are perfect for small spaces and for hanging. 

Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

A great beginner plant, mother-in-law’s tongue is also known as the snake plant.

Although it might appear sharp, it also has protective energy.

Snake plants or sansevieria plants are low-maintenance houseplants.

What does a snake plant symbolize?

The snake plant is the ideal gift for someone who appreciates nature because it symbolizes cleanliness and tenacity.

This plant is the ideal housewarming gift because it represents tenacity and joy.

The popular Feng-Shui plant is thought to bring good fortune.


Feng shui 5

Jade succulents, also called money plants, have many rounded leaves giving them a soft, lush appearance.

Lucky Bamboo

Feng shui 6

According to feng shui, the number of stalks is symbolic in use as bamboo symbolizes growth and adaptability.

Three stalks should nourish your happiness, while two stalks will nourish your life’s areas of love…

Golden Pothos

Feng shui 7

The golden pothos can be grown easily and spread…

The trailing vines have heart-shaped leaves that are great for cleaning the air…

Let’s move to this section below…

Challenging Feng Shui Plants

Feng shui 8

It is said that if there is any sharp energy, it will drain your energy…

This may happen when it comes from objects that are sharp, such as knives, forks or coins…

If you want to promote good feng shui energy, you should avoid pointy and spiky plants, such as a cactus.

Another example of draining energy can be found in dying and neglected plants.

It is critical you have the right climate and time before bringing any plants into your space.

Also, make sure you remove any dying portions of the plants as soon as possible.

Finally, promoting good feng shui energy with fake plants can be tricky.

The fake plants you buy must be of high quality to be beneficial.

They should look so real that you need to touch them to know they are fake.

How about this…

Plants And The Bagua

Feng shui 9

It’s easy to use plants in feng shui by placing them in specific Bagua zones.

The Bagua diagram represents your space on the Feng Shui grid…

…with each zone representing a different facet of your life. 

Also called ba-gua or pakua, the Feng Shui bagua is one of the main tools used in Feng Shui to map a space or room in order to analyze the energy according to life areas. The bagua can be used for a home, office, property, garden, or even a piece of furniture. It is incredibly versatile and is used in most Feng Shui perspectives, sometimes in a slightly different format.

International Feng Shui Guild

The following is a quick overview of all the Bagua points and how a houseplant can increase its energy…

Family (Zhen)

Plants in this Bagua area can stimulate growth in the family…

They can also help boost your energy levels if you’re feeling stuck in general…

Wealth (Xun)

An abundance of plants will grow abundantly in the wealth area, attracting more prosperity…

Health (Tai Qi)

Plants in the center area of your home that promote healing…

…may be therapeutic for your health if you need some extra support.

Helpful People (Qian)

It can be hard to ask for help. A plant in the available helper’s area…

…can help start the process by sending positive energy where it’s most needed.

Children (Dui)

A plant in the kids’ room may help with a child’s upcoming project or growth.

If he doesn’t seem to be working on the project, he can display his plants here.

Knowledge (Gen)

Self-cultivation and the expansion of self-knowledge can be enhanced by houseplants in the knowledge area.

Fame and Reputation (Li)

A plant’s wood element can be used to fuel the fire element…

…and increase your visibility in the world and increase your visibility.

Career (Kan)

You can encourage your career to grow and expand if you place plants in the career area.

They will also boost your wisdom.

Partnership (Kun)

To cultivate kindness and flexibility in relationships, a partnership area with plants is a good idea.

Now, did you know…

How Long Does it Take for Feng Shui to Work

Do not count on getting results right away. Once more, feng shui is NOT a form of magic.

Various consultants claim that some people can see effects in as little as three months.

Others might have to wait a little longer.

A Feng Shui reading combined with your Bazi yields faster and longer-lasting results, according to Feng Shui Master Laurent Langlais.

Be patient if your Feng Shui setup is correct. In the beginning,…

…you’ll start to notice little adjustments here and there.

The majority of the time, such little improvements add up to significant changes in your life.

To sum it up…

Matching the Bagua of Feng Shui to your beloved houseplants will give you the advantages you need.

Nonetheless, that decision is in your hand.

If you choose to believe in Feng Shui after this…

…then we have completed our job to inform you of some good news.

But if you don’t, then let this be a conversation starter…

…if you happen to see plants anywhere that match the feng shui.



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How do you use Bagua in feng shui?

Based on the BTB Feng Shui school, we will provide you guidance on how to use the Bagua.

  • Use a floor plan of your house that is appropriately proportioned (or room).
  • Rotate the diagram so that the wall that contains the entrance is at the bottom.
  • A three-by-three grid should be overlaid with the bottom of the grid aligned with the wall where the front entrance is located on.
  • Make sure the grid is distributed evenly.
  • Find every location that corresponds to the Bagua.

Note: The bottom of the list should be aligned with Knowledge, Career, and Helpful People (wall with the front door).

Where should I put my snake plant in Feng Shui?

The snake plant is the ideal illustration of rising, expanding chi.

Strong wood energy dissipates undesirable or stale energy.

The greatest location for the plants in your home or business…

…is somewhere that benefits from the Wood element of the plant.

The finest feng shui locations for your plants are the southeast, south, and east corners.

Because the Eight Gods gave their eight virtues as gifts to everyone who owned this plant,…

…the Chinese used to grow it as a desirable houseplant.

Prosperity, beauty, long life, intelligence, health, art, strength, and poetry are the eight virtues.

To allow the eight qualities to enter their home in accordance with pre-Feng-Shui,…

…they positioned the plants close to the door.

What facing window is best for snake plant?

Though they may thrive in lower light levels, snake plants thrive near windows.

It’s okay to use a window that faces north.

A little more light will help them grow more quickly,…

…while too much darkness will cause them to droop.

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