Bring New Energy To Your Bathroom: The Best Bathroom Plants (2021)

Bring New Energy With Bathroom Plants!

Bathroom plants? Can we get it? Sure! With its low light and high humidity, the bathroom is ideal for many houseplants, and an injection of foliage is the perfect way to bring life into a practical and sterile bathroom. However, while those same conditions may be a tropical paradise for certain plants, others may barely survive a shower without wilting and withering, so selecting the proper plant for the climate is critical. Before we look the bathroom plants, we should know first the ‘requirements’ of the plants in bathroom!


Bathrooms typically have low lighting, with either a small frosted glass or no window at all, so choose a plant that can grow in low light. If you don’t have a window in your bathroom, fluorescent illumination can help. This is less expensive, and because it is cooler, your plants can be positioned closer to the light source.


Bathrooms are naturally humidified by showers, baths, and running hot water, so seek for plants that require these conditions to grow. Most the bathroom plants, like succulents, tick the ‘low light’ box but also require dry conditions, so they aren’t necessarily appropriate for bathroom life. Because bathrooms are typically smaller areas with limited floor space, consider plants that will fit on a windowsill or shelf. If your toiletries have taken up all of the shelf space, try hanging a plant in a hanging planter from the ceiling or wall.


Carnivorous plants thrive in humid climates, so add some excitement with one! Be aware that these hungry plants require a lot of light, and bathrooms are generally the darkest areas in the house. Make sure you have a sufficient light source and your bathroom will be free of creepy crawlies! Now, here are the best bathroom plants for you!


Want to make your bathroom feel like a luxury spa? The orchid is a great bathroom plants to start. The orchid will not only appear serenely gorgeous at your sink or on your window ledge, but it will also thrive in warm, humid environments.

Peace Lily

The peace lily, with its lush green, glossy foliage and lovely white blossoms, would be a lovely addition to bathroom plants. The peace lily, which thrives in low light, will not appreciate being over-watered, therefore the bathroom’s natural humidity will help to keep it wet without the need to water it frequently.

Snake Plant

The snake plant, commonly known as the mother-in-tongue, law’s is an excellent choice for the bathroom plants. It is an excellent air purifier, recognized for filtering out formaldehyde, which is usually present in bathroom goods, and it loves hot, humid situations. It can also thrive in low light. Plus, because of its long, vertical leaves, it won’t compete for shelf space in your bathroom.


Ferns make a pleasant inhabitant of any bathroom, as you can see from our images. Ferns are the perfect partner for a soothing bath in the tub, thanks to their lovely leaves that make you smile, their ability to purify the air, and their ability to create a healthy air humidity.


Ivy is one of the easiest houseplants to care for, and it thrives in warm, humid environments, making it ideal for greening up the bathroom. The aerial roots of the ivy can simply be coaxed to climb a moss pole or trellis for a more dramatic presentation. To preserve your ivy’s gorgeous leaves photosynthesising, make sure it has a decent light source.

To Sum Up

Bathroom plants not only assist to improve air quality, but they also absorb excess moisture and fight bacteria that may be lurking in your bathroom. They can also improve your mood in the morning.

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