The Best Plants For College Students And How They Benefit You (2021)

Is your dorm lacking greenery? Or are you looking for plants that are beneficial for your study environment? Here are the best plants for college students. Aside from the benefits they offer you, they are all easy to care for. You won’t have to worry about maintaining any of these plants.

Ponytail Palm

The dramatic ponytail palm will enhance the look of your room. Ponytail palms feature bright, pom-pom-style foliage that stays vibrant throughout the year. They’re low-maintenance and beautiful. Ponytail palms should be placed in a bright place, such as a sunny windowsill or sunny desk.  

What makes it the perfect choice?  Ponytail palms have a distinctive appearance that sets your dorm apart from a typical dorm room. It’s a fact that too much carbon dioxide in your home makes you drowsy and can give you headaches. Keep a ponytail palm in your room to help you rid your room of these ailments. It absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen.

Money Tree

The money tree makes a great dorm décor choice. Money trees are commonly grown and braided together for a more interesting appearance, and look similar to tropical bonsai. Rich soil and medium to bright indoor light are the best conditions for growing a money tree. Are there any reasons why it’s a perfect pick? The money tree doesn’t grow actual cash, but it adds a sense of class and sophistication to your dorm or apartment. Dutch researchers found that hospital patients whose rooms were filled with plants experienced less stress and recovered faster. Do not forget your money tree when finals time comes!

Snake Plant

Next on the list of the best plants for college students is the snake plants. Sansevieria (also called mother-in-law’s tongue or snake plant) is a sturdy and hardy indoor plant. It adds height to small rooms and sports a trendy and modern look with its vertical, striped foliage. A snake plant is easy to grow; it prefers high, medium, and low light conditions, making it a great plant for practically everyone. Weekly watering or once in  is enough for snake plants.

Are there any reasons why it’s a perfect pick? Well, snake plants are very beneficial for your health. This plant is well suited to college students who have little time to maintain a plant because of its tolerance for low light and dry soil. Researchers from the American Horticultural Therapy Association discovered that taking care of a plant like a snake plant can increase one’s self-esteem.

Cacti And Succulent

The next best plants for college students is cacti and succulents. Cacti and succulents can be used to create your own desert oasis on your desk or windowsill. The low-maintenance plants come in a wide variety of textures and colors. Despite what you might think, not all cacti are large and spiky! Keeping succulents and cacti near sunlight or near a desk lamp is ideal. They love bright light. Make sure the soil has almost completely dried before watering.

What makes them a good choice? Cacti and succulents offer a stylish appearance and require little water, so they make excellent choices for active and stylish students. Research was completed at the Royal College of Agriculture in England that found that students became more attentive to lecture halls that contained plants by 70 percent. Keep a succulent and cactus dish garden on your desk to keep your focus!

Lucky Bamboo

It features straight, shaped, or woven bamboo-like stems with lush, vibrant green foliage. Whether it’s the low light preference or its ability to filter harmful indoor chemicals, this plant truly is a lucky one! Low to medium light is best for growing lucky bamboo. You should keep it out of direct sunlight so the leaves won’t sunburn. Growing lucky bamboo in a vase or water-filled pot will keep it moist for a few days.

Are there any reasons why it’s a perfect pick? Luck bamboo’s durability and versatility make it a perfect choice for any style (especially the Zen look). Use marbles or colored pebbles in your lucky bamboo’s pot to coordinate your décor. Researchers found that students who have plants like lucky bamboo in their rooms tend to concentrate better than their peers who don’t. Wherever you study, keep a lucky bamboo: It could help you score better!

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera, as one of the best plants for college students, has long, narrow leaves dotted with small, soft teeth. It is one of the easiest succulents to grow. Aloe can tolerate a wide range of conditions with minimal care for an extended period of time. Keeping Aloe Vera near a window will give it bright light, which it loves. Keep it out of standing water, but make sure to not let it dry out completely.

What Makes It a good choice? Old wives’ tales claim that aloe’s gooey interior soothes and heals minor burns and cuts along with its exotic appearance. It has been found that plants such as aloe, especially when placed around the home, create a sense of optimism and wellbeing.

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