The Uniqueness Of Sansevieria Liberica You Should Know (2021)

Sansevieria Liberica Origin

Sansevieria Liberica is a Sansevieria species native to the Central African Republic and West Africa. On a single stem, up to six belt-shaped to lanceolate, leather-like leaves can be found. They’re almost standing up, yet they grow like a fan. This is one of the most unique facts on sansevieria liberica! They are dark green in hue with pale green transverse streaks, while usually, most sansevieria are green with darker stripes.

It can grow to be 45 to 110 centimeters long, it’s a tall type of snake plant! The leaf’s tip is slightly pointed and has a white coloration as it ages. The reddish-brown leaf border is slightly cartilaginous. Panicles of white blooms are haphazardly placed. The bloom stem can reach a height of 60 to 80 cm. Amazing, right?

Where May I Put The Plant?

It prefers to be in a shady location. So, the plant is suitable to put inside your houses, such as your bedroom or bathroom. However, you have to remember that the plant can grow so tall. Maybe you want to put it on a bigger pot for it to grow taller. You can choose another type of sansevierias if you’re looking for a snake plant that is suitable for your desk.

Sansevieria Liberica Care

Since it doesn’t like a lot of lights, it prefers to be watered only once in a while. To check if it needs to be watered is with using a toothpick or a wooden stick. Then, you can start putting it on the soil about 2 centimeters down. If your wooden stick becomes a bit wet on the tip and there’s soil sticking on it, leave it for one or two more days, and then water it. The other way around if the soil is completely dry to the edge of the soil in the pot, for sure you should water it… only a bit.

Wherever you choose to put the sansevieria liberica, the sansevieria liberica needs sandy, rocky soil! To keep your house clean when you water them, you can put some cute white rocks on top of the soil, not too tight though, make sure you still can see the soil as the water will go through between them. It keeps the soil inside the pot. Remember, the plant can not tolerate waterlogging. So, be mindful to put it on a pot with drainage and enough holes for the rhizomes to breathe.


Improve Quality Of Air

Many plants are strategically put around the home for decoration and feng shui. Did you realize that some of these plants provide health benefits?

This article contains information on the snake plant, its health advantages, and how to care for one. The snake plant, also known as mother-in-tongue, the snake plants can grow to be 6 inches tall and several feet long. Snake plants add a touch of ambiance as well as a lot of health benefits.

Snakes are well-known for their capacity to aid in the removal of harmful contaminants from the air. Cancer-causing chemicals can be absorbed by snake plants, but only in little doses. Snake plants have the ability to absorb and remove toxic substances, giving them effective protection against allergens in the air.

It’s a source of consternation and skepticism because snake plants, like any other plant, consistently emit oxygen at night. We can’t uncover any solid proof to back this up. Snake plants, on the other hand, do reduce CO2 levels even at night.

The ability to accomplish a certain sort of photosynthesis is due to Crassulacean Acid Metabolism (CAM). Drought-tolerant, dry-climate plants, such as succulents, are examples of CAM plants. In hot weather, they open their stomata in the evening to reduce water loss.

Sum Up

Sansevieria liberica is one of much snake plants type from Africa. It’s nice to have one, go add them up on your collection list.

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