The Best Ways To Fix Broken Snake Plant Leaves (2022)

Do you have broken snake plant leaves?

These things happen quite often in your garden if you’re into gardening,

… and especially your houseplant collection.

Sometimes, you could find the roots of your snake plant rotting for seemingly no reason.

Or more often, you could find the leaves of your snake plant turning brown and damaged,

…or showing white spots.

Just like what Cecile experienced.

My Mother gave me a snake plant as a wedding anniversary gift.

I’m actually not that into plants, but it’s nice to see my Mom happy.

She passed away last year, and the plants she gave me become something very sentimental for me.

I want to keep them forever.

The thing is, I don’t really understand how to take care of plants.

My Mom always gave me snake plants because she said it’s the strongest plant alive.

Even with my black thumb, it still could survive.

However, I noticed one of them turning brown.

The leaves started to break.

I immediately panicked and didn’t know what to do.

I want to keep them alive.

Is it too late?

Can you give Cecile the answer? Is it too late?

The answer is: no. However….

It is just as important to deal with snake plant spider mites infected plants…

…as with broken snake plant leaves.

The good thing about this one indoor plant is that you can revive the damaged leaf in many ways.

The following guide discusses how to deal with this problem in snake plants.

Let’s get started!

Fixing A Broken Snake Plant Leaves

Broken snake plant leaves

Let’s begin by learning the methods of fixing the broken snake plant leaves.

The following items can be done to help.

Before you start here are some tools to prepare:

  • Water
  • New soil mix as a media
  • Terracotta pot with drainage holes
  • Pruner scissor

First of..

Check The Broken Snake Plant Leaves For Damage

Broken snake plant leaves

The shattered broken snake plant leaves should be your first priority.

The leaf will not completely separate from the stem despite breaking away from the plant.

The plant is frequently damaged in the middle, which is pretty common with this sort of plant.

Furthermore, if you have pets in the house, they may only bite a little piece of the Snake plant leaf.

The plant will have to be examined carefully overall.

Check the plant for any other damaged leaves.

Support the Broken Snake Plant Leaves

Broken snake plant leaves

After completing the initial plant inspection, proceed to the next phase.

As previously stated, the broken snake plant leaves will not completely shatter.

You can simply provide support if it is still hanging to the base of the leaf…

…or bending downward.

We use these specific Plant Stakes to make it back on straight, it really helps the plant grows healthily upward than other plant sticks we’ve tried before!

Ethereal ore gold plant accessories indoor garden stakes plant support stakes plant sticks support orchid stakes plant stakes for indoor plants potted plant support stakes monstera stake (gold)

Depending on the availability, stakes or threads can be used.

A broken leaf can also be supported by a wall or a window.

To tie up damaged leaves on the plant, you should try to use threads.

Leaves will be revived by this treatment. Please don’t take the support away too soon –

It could take a few weeks or longer. The other alternatives are suggested below…

…can be used if the leaves do not seem to be doing well.

Broken Snake Plant Leaves Removal

Broken snake plant leaves

Is it OK if the broken snake plant leaves are torn into pieces

In that case, you will need to cut them off the plant.

We need to do this because the leaf won’t survive on the plant.

A damaged leaf will eventually stop absorbing nutrients from the plant and will fall off.

It makes no sense to retain such leaves on the plant for an extended period of time.

So, in a way, trimming your snake plant and separating it from its damaged leaves will help it heal and grow even better.

In place of cutting them off, you should think about reviving them through propagation methods.

New plants can be grown from leaf remnants in general.

Furthermore, you don’t have to throw them away entirely.

Remember that snake plants tend to have straight leaves. We use this straight scissor pruner so that we don’t bend the snake plants over while cutting them

Propagate The Broken Leaf In a New Pot

Have you removed the leaf? Let’s propagate it now!

Two methods are available for propagating snake plant leaves.

  • Water Propagation
  • Soil Propagation

You can use either of these methods to revive the leaf, and they both work great.

If you are propagating leaves, select those that appear relatively fresh.

Avoid choosing dull and skinny ones. It is possible that these leaves will not propagate well.

One last thing, keep propagating leaves as much as possible.

There is a greater chance of propagating a few leaves this way.

Is there a process for going through all of this? Would you like to know more about it?

Check out the following section to find out!

How To Propagate Broken Snake Plant Leaf

Broken snake plant leaves

The propagation techniques are fairly simple,

…but here are some things to keep in mind when performing this task:

YouTube video

It’s Best To Remove The Entire Leaf Off The Plant

Damaged leaves have a lower probability of surviving on the plant, as you are aware.

In this case, you should go ahead and remove the plants from the plant.

Now, when you are performing this task, you should try to get the entire leaf from the plant.

Leaf attachments on Snake plants are quite difficult to remove from their stems,

…making them quite difficult to separate. Cut the base of the plant with pruning shears or scissors.

This method is effective if you cannot obtain the entire leaf.

You should thoroughly rinse the leaf once you have removed it.

The leaf shouldn’t have any dirt on it.

Let the Broken Part Form a Callus

The cutting of the leaf from the plant should be done after you have propagated the plant in the soil.

It will take some time for the place where you cut the leaf to form a callus.

Usually, it takes two to three days for this to complete.

Hardening of the exposed part indicates the leaf is ready for propagation. 

Place the Leaf In Soil

It is now time to plant the leaf in a small pot with a regular potting mix.

Adding fertilizers to this soil is unnecessary as this task consists solely of propagating leaves.

Adding cocopeat or peat moss would be great, however.

The propagation method depends on either of them being…

…able to keep water for an extended period of time.

Place the leaves in the soil once the pot is ready.

Several leaves can be planted in the same soil.

Ensure that the leaves stand upright in the pot by pushing them firmly.

You will need to transplant the propagated leaves…

…into the soil after you have propagated them in water.

You can use this method by just watching for a couple…

…of leaves to emerge from the base of the broken leaf.

Water the Leaf Every Few Days

The root system beneath the soil will need water for the broken leaf to grow.

Once you place the leaves in the pot, you can water them for the first time.

Depending on the level of moisture in the soil, you should wait…

…another 7-10 days before doing the next round.

You shouldn’t water your plant if the soil doesn’t dry out quickly.

Furthermore, you will have to observe this process for a few weeks…

…without expecting too much from the planted leaves.


You’ll See New Roots on the Leaf After a Few Weeks

Despite how boring it is, this is the only way to proceed.

Natural processes should be left to their own devices.

Two to five weeks are required for the new roots to form.

Just water the pot slowly and be patient.

Do Not Remove The Leaf From Soil

Though waiting for a while may seem boring, you should leave the leaf in place.

The formation of snake plant roots is a slow process.

By removing the leaves repeatedly, the process will be disrupted.

Eventually, you won’t see any roots under the ground.

Transplant the Propagated Leaf into a New Pot

Broken snake plant leaves

In this process, we have reached the last step.

The propagated leaf should be moved to a bigger pot after a couple of weeks to allow roots to form.

Water propagation is needed specifically for water-grown plants…

…since they won’t grow completely in water.

If you use the soil propagation method, you can either leave the new plant…

…in the same pot or transplant it to a different one.

A newly propagated snake plant should wait until it grows a new shoot.

I guess that pretty much sums up the propagation task!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you replant a broken snake plant leaf?

Put just enough water in the cut end of the leaf to cover the bottom fourth of the tissue.

Replace the water every couple of days and place the container under indirect light.

Little roots will appear soon. Plant the rooted leaf in sand or peat moss and care for it as normal.

Will a cut snake plant leaves grow back faster?

Thankfully, you can restore the beautiful looks of your snake plant by clipping off..

…any leaves that are beginning to appear a touch unattractive, and new,

…perfectly shaped leaves will shoot up to replace them if you take proper care of them.

However, if you want to increase the growth speed of your snake plants, you can find out more information here.

Can broken snake plant leaves heal?

Leaf splitting may be a natural aspect of the development process for many plants,

…particularly when it happens predominantly in older leaves.

You may simply pluck out the split leaves and discard them as long as..

..there are enough to replace the damaged ones. Split leaves, unfortunately, will never mend.

My snake plant leaves are brown, is it broken?

One of the most common reasons for a broken snake is plant leaves…

…or splitting is a lack of humidity. Low humidity causes the leaves to lose more water..

…and become parched. Low moisture content on leaves causes them to split or break as a result.

Are snake plants really unlucky?

According to Feng Shui, snake plants are often known to bring bad luck.

However, this is not true!

Read more about whether or not snake plants bring bad luck into your home here.

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