What Can Be Stored In A Garden Shed (And What Cannot)? Avoid These 5 Things That Cannot Be Stored In A Shed

What can be stored in a garden shed
We’ll give you some tips on what can be stored in a garden shed and which products are a bad idea.

A garden shed is a storage tool with many benefits.

Yet, you’ll agree with me that deciding what you can store in a shed is difficult.

There’s a lot that might go wrong, but you don’t have enough room!

It’s tempting to just shove them all in and be done with it.

But aren’t you concerned that they will be damaged?

Today, we’ll give you some tips on which products can be stored in a garden shed and which are a bad idea.

But first, let’s hear a few words from Cathy:

I used to think you can store anything like, literally anything in a shed.

Turns out you couldn’t!

I also think your shed will do just well on its own.

Turns out you need to do regular maintenance if you want it to have the longest life possible.

Cathy, Texas

If like Cathy, you are struggling and wondering how to maintain your garden sheds, check out our garden shed tips here.

Now, let’s dive right in into what can be stored in a garden shed, and what cannot be stored in a garden shed, as well.

What Cannot Be Stored in a Garden Shed


Purchasing food in bulk is a wise budgetary move.

BUT, i’s a waste of money to keep food in a non-climate controlled building.

Most meals will spoil before you have a chance to consume them due to the severe temperatures of an outside structure.

Keep your food in a secure, refrigerated spot indoors — and out of reach of hungry animals.

Paints and Glues

When exposed to extreme temperatures, paints and glues degrade.

Any paint or glue that have been frozen will create lumpy blobs that are inappropriate for usage.


Photos will stick together if there is a lot of humidity or if the temperature is too high.

Mold could also grow on them, so your shed is the ideal location for destroying family memories.

Important Documents

Humidity is not, and never will be, a friend of paper.

If you keep vital documents in a shed, they may become moldy or illegible.

This includes your work and business documents, as well.

Pet Food

When keeping edibles, you risk spoiling them as well as attracting animals.

Make sure you use an airtight container to store dog or cat food bags.

Clothing and Bedding

There’s a reason why mothballs exist.

Insects may wreak havoc on your clothing! Not to mention that after a lengthy period of storage, they may develop a musty odor.


Temperature regulation is very important for plasma televisions.

If the screens are subjected to extreme temperature swings, they will fail.

Rust will, of course, completely destroy the interior circuitry as well.

The humidity will cause a buildup of condensation, similar to direct water damage, over time.

It’s not going to be worth it.

Use a climate-controlled unit or store it in your home.


When storing your artwork, you should store it in diameter tubes.

Artwork requires a constant humidity of roughly 50%.

At all times, the temperature must be between seventy and seventy-five degrees.

What Can Be Stored in a Garden Shed


Gasoline, unlike other liquids, does not freeze.

Gasoline has a freezing point of -100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wow! You’re going to have a hard time getting that to freeze!

Propane Tanks

Another fuel that is unaffected by severe temperatures is propane.

-44 degrees Fahrenheit is the freezing point.

However, keep in mind that if your propane tank is sitting on cold concrete, it could reach this temperature.

It’s ideal if you put it away on a shelf.

Lawn Equipments and Chemicals

Lawn-related materials are the ideal items to store in a shed.

You can even get a garden shed which fits your riding lawn mower, if you have one.

Why? Because most outdoor things are already designed to withstand dampness and high temperatures.

For chemicals, this is a case-by-case situation.

You’ll need to look into the ideal temperature for storing each product.

Occasionally, the container will display the proper storage temperature.

Outdoor Furniture and Recreational Items

Manufacturers create outdoor furniture that is water-resistant and mold-resistant.

Inflatable pools, tennis rackets, and other similar items can be stored in an outside structure.

They’re designed to withstand the extremes in temperature found in outbuildings.

Seasonal Decor

Do you have any wreaths on your front door?

They’ll survive in the shed just as well as they did on your front porch.

There’s no reason to be concerned!

Sum Up

There are a variety of objects that can be stored in your shed.

It’s all about being strategic about it.

If you must store something, make sure you take the necessary precautions to protect it.

Water, humidity, and vermin can all do serious damage to your belongings.

You shouldn’t have any concerns as long as you take the necessary safeguards.

Owning a high-quality shed from reliable brands like Suncast and Keter also helps.

Check out our recommendations for each brand here and here.

Let us know below what you think on which products can be stored in a garden shed and which cannot!

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