Why Are Lawn Mower Blades Not Sharp? 3 Superb Reasons Why It Happen

Why are lawn mower blades not sharp? As you might have guessed, lawn mower blades are not sharp. They have a very smooth surface and the cutting teeth are dulled. This reduces the risk of injury. But why is this? Read this article until end about why are lawn mower blades not sharp. In this blog, we also have an article about lawn mowers for people with arthritis that you might want to read about it.

A lawn mower is a machine utilizing one or more revolving blades to cut a grass surface to an even height.”


What is a lawn mower?

This is a grass cutting machine, it is made up of three parts: the engine, the deck and the blade. It is also important to know that lawn mowers can be electric or petrol driven, but usually they are electric. A lawn mower is a machine which cuts grass, the mower deck, or cutting deck, is the part of the lawn mower which cuts the grass. It is usually made of metal, plastic or wood.

Most lawn mowers are driven by petrol engines, they can be as small as 2cc to as big as over 1,000cc. The lawn mower blades, sometimes called cutting blades, are flat pieces of metal or plastic which cut the grass. It is important to note that a lawn mower can cut a variety of grasses, such as weeds, lawns, turf and grass.

The lawn mower is one of the most used and best-known pieces of garden equipment, and one of the most useful. It is an essential piece of equipment in a garden.

Before the middle of the 20th century, lawn mowers were mostly reel mowers with a cylindrical blade that got all its power from the person pushing it.”

Lawrence Schumacher, author from howstuffworks.com

Why Use Lawn Mower

There are many reasons why you should use a lawn mower; for example:

  1. To reduce the amount of time spent on gardening tasks such as weeding, trimming and mowing your lawn,
  2. To keep your lawn clean, neat, healthy and attractive,
  3. To enjoy some exercise when you enjoy doing things outside,
  4. To make your life easier by reducing the work involved with gardening,
  5. To make sure you have enough light to see what you’re doing while you’re working near your garden,
  6. To help control pests like rabbits and rodents,
  7. To increase the value of your home,
  8. To enhance your outdoor space and landscape design

Why Are Lawn Mower Blades Not Sharp

Lawn mower blades are not sharp, as it is believed that this is the primary reason why lawn mower blades are not sharp. Lawn mower blades need to be sharp for them to be able to cut the grass. Sharp blades can cut through the grass and form small pieces of grass which can then be blown away. A dull blade will tend to push the grass around instead of cutting it, which will result in less debris being blown away. Here are the reasons why are lawn mower blades not sharp:

Reason 1: The blade is too dull

If your lawn mower blade is dull, it may seem as if it is cutting the grass well, however, the truth is, it isn’t cutting anything at all. Dull blades won’t even get close to cutting the grass, so you’ll notice that there’s less debris being blown out. If your blades aren’t sharp enough, you could end up creating more clippings than you’d expect from a properly sharpened blade. This extra material that comes off of the grass ends up building up on top of the blade, causing it to become duller and duller.

There are several ways to sharpen a lawn mower blade, including using a file, sandpaper, emery board, etc. You can find instructions within the manual of your lawn mower on how to sharpen the blade yourself. Keep in mind that if you don’t take care of your lawn mower blades, you could damage them, which will mean spending money to replace them.

Reason 2: Rusting

Rust is something that can definitely cause a lawn mower blade to lose its edge. Even though rust occurs naturally, it can still weaken the blade’s ability to cut the grass. To prevent rust, try cleaning your blades regularly. Also, avoid storing your lawn mower blades inside plastic bags, as the moisture inside these bags will promote corrosion. Keep your blades outside, in direct sunlight, where the air can dry them out. In addition, do not store them in areas with high humidity or moisture content, because this will also increase their susceptibility to rust.

Reason 3: Poor maintenance

Maintaining the sharpness of your lawn mower blade shouldn’t be ignored. Regularly inspecting your blades and changing them out every so often can significantly extend their lifespan. Once a year, you can remove the blades and inspect them thoroughly for any signs of wear and tear. When purchasing new blades, look for ones that offer maximum durability with minimal weight. This will ensure they last longer and perform better over time.

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