Why Is My Lawn Mower Engine Surging? 4 Superb Reasons Behind It

Why is my lawn mower engine surging? Lawn mowers are an essential piece of equipment in many households. They are used to maintain large properties, make the yard more aesthetically pleasing, and provide a relaxing outdoor experience. Read this article until end to know more about why is my lawn mower engine surging. In this blog, we also have an article about ego lawn mower that you might want to read about it.

Why Is My Lawn Mower Engine Surging

Lawn mower usually surge when starting. Surge means power output increases suddenly. Surge is normal and harmless. Surge lasts for a short period of time. Surge is caused by various factors including battery condition, fuel quality, spark plug performance, etc. Surge is not dangerous unless it happens frequently. Surge is not something to worry about.

Fuel starvation can be caused by several factors. In this case, we’ll focus on the most common ones. First, the fuel tank may be empty or nearly empty. Second, the air filter could be clogged. Third, the carburetor could be dirty. Fourth, the spark plug could be bad. Fifth, the fuel line could be damaged. Sixth, the fuel pump could be defective. Finally, the fuel gauge could be malfunctioning.

Clogged Air Filter

Air filters are the first things you should check if you’re having problems with your mowers. You can clean them yourself by removing the air filter and cleaning it out with compressed air. Replace the air filter if it’s clogged up. Disconnecting the spark plug wire is always a good idea before doing anything else. Spark plugs can cause serious injury if they get hot enough to burn someone.

A foam filter should be cleaned by using soap and water. Oil-coated filters should be replaced when they become too dirty to see light through them. Paper filters should be replaced when the paper gets too dirty to use.

Clean your air filter regularly. Dirt clogs up the air filter and causes the engine to surge. You should clean the air filter every time you change it.

Dirty Carburetor

This is the most common cause of surges. Grime and dirt clog the internal parts of your carburetor. The solution is to clean the carburetor yourself.

Disassemble the carburetors. To reach the carburetors, you may have to remove the air filter, fuel tanks, governor control links, breather pipes, and manifold seals and keeper rings. Clean the carburetors with a carburetor cleaning solution that’s appropriate for your lawn mower engine, paying special attentions to the needle valves, ports, and orifices. Replace the carburetor if it’s in poor condition or damaged, and make sure it fits properly. Once you’ve cleaned your carburetor, assemble the mower parts in reverse order.

Fuel System Problems

Fuel tanks should be filled before driving. A fuel tank cap should always be checked for holes. Dirt or dust can block these holes. When the engine is running, check the level of fuel in the tank. If the level is low, add more gas. If the level is high, drain some out. If you see water in the fuel, stop driving until the problem is fixed.

This step shows how to repair a car’s fuel system. You should check the vent on the gas tank cap and clean it if necessary. Then drain the gas tank, clean out the gas bowl, and refill it with new fuel. Or you can use fuel cleaner to clean the gas line.

Fuel must be kept low if you want to avoid engine damage. You should check the gas tank regularly.

Vacuum Leaks

A loose carburetor will cause an engine to run poorly because it sucks in more air than needed. This causes the engine to be out of balance, causing poor performance.

Mowers should be checked by professionals before being used. Tighten bolts if needed. If there are any problems, it could mean that the machine needs professional repair.

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