Why Is My Pressure Washer Leaking Gas? 2 Superb Ways To Fix It

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Pressure washing or power washing is the use of high-pressure water spray to remove loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, chewing gum and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings, vehicles and concrete surfaces.


What is a Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is a tool that uses high-pressure water to clean surfaces,

…removing the need for chemical cleaners.

Pressure washers are used in the construction industry to clean concrete,

…bricks, and other surfaces. They are also used in industrial cleaning applications,

…such as cleaning equipment and garage floors.

A pressure washer can help you quickly clean large areas of all kinds of hard outdoor surfaces.”

Steve Conaway, author from cnet.com

Why is My Pressure Washer Leaking Gas?

So, why is my pressure washer leaking gas?

The debris from the fuel line between the gasoline tank

…and the carburettor generally gets into the carburetor seat,

…where the needle valve on the float assembly restricts the flow of fuel into the carburetor.

This may also be caused by a faulty carburetor float.

Why is My Pressure Washer Leaking Gas : Here’s How to Fix!

Examine the Carburetor

A carburetor malfunction is the most prevalent source of gas leaks.

The carburetor blends air and fuel to provide the right ratio…

…for the pressure washer engine to function.

As you would expect, a leak might be caused by too much gas…

…in the carburetor or a breakdown in one of its components.

Needle Valve Float

The most basic problem to look for is a jammed float needle valve at the top of the carburetor.

When the carburetor’s fuel levels are too low, the float alerts it.

It then permits more gasoline into the carburetor to compensate.

If it becomes stuck, gas may not reach the carburetor or may be present in excess.

Either issue might result in a leak. The easy approach…

…is to lightly tap the exterior of the carburetor to check if the needle will self-right.

Top Reason Why is My Pressure Washer Leaking Gas : The carburettor is so Dirty!

Another possibility for the leak is that the carburetor is unclean…

…and hence not producing the proper combination of gasoline and air.

If you leave old gas in the pressure washer, the carburetors may quickly get clogged with gas residue.

Once it’s clogged, the only options are to clean it or replace it.

In fact, a gummed-up carburetor is sometimes the source..

…of a jammed float needle valve in the first place.

Follow these procedures to clean the carburettor:

  1. Turn off the fuel valve and remove the spark plug cap.
  2. Remove the carburetor covers. The carburetor of a pressure washer will feature a throttle cap and an air filter box. In order to access the carburetor, you may need to remove the intake setup.
  3. Next, disconnect the gasoline line, but make sure you have a pail or cloth nearby to capture the gas that will be discharged first. You may clamp the line first if you truly don’t want to leak the gas.
  4. Locate and remove the two bolts that secure the carburetor to the engine using a nut driver or socket. Disconnect the throttle cable so that you may remove the carburetor entirely.
  5. Now, remove the flat needle from the carburetor. Pressure washer carburetors may or may not have jets, but if they do, remove those as well.
  6. Before using carburetor cleaning, remove all gaskets and O-rings. Spray the carburetor liberally with cleaner or totally immerse it in it (that is expensive but works best). If you’re only spraying the carburetor, be sure to clean the jet holes.
  7. To remove the cleaner, blow it out using compressed air. Reinstall the carburetor to your pressure washer after it is totally dry.

Carburettor Failure

If your carburetor has another problem or you are unable to clean it or repair the float,

…you may rebuild or replace the whole unit. Carburetor repair kits

…and new carburetors for several pressure washer manufacturers are available online.

Choose a kit that is compatible with your carburetor or the precise model you have for a replacement.

Examine the Fuel Line

A hole or loose connection in the fuel line is another cause of a pressure washer gas leak.

We described how to access the gasoline line in the instructions above for cleaning the carburetor.

Inspect it for minor holes or rips after you’ve obtained it.

If there is a rip, it is advisable to replace the hose entirely.

Make certain that the new gasoline line is connected with tight seals,

…or you may have another leak on your hands.

If there are no obvious rips or holes in the gasoline line,

…the pressure washer may be leaking where the fuel line joins to the tank or carburetor.

To resolve this problem, replace the O-ring and seals that keep the line in place.

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