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There may not be much information about fertilizers when looking for ways to care for snake plants.

Snake plants don’t require as much fertilization as other indoor plants, however…

…they still benefit from it when their nutritional needs are replenished.

We’ve looked into this and will let you know the answer in this post. Here we have the story of Sarah…

…about her experience choosing good snake plant fertilizer for her collection.

Let us hear Sarah’s story

I looked up the best fertilizer for snake plants and it mentioned that they need a lot of water.

I didn’t want to risk my new plant by using anything but dirt, so I went over to Home Depot and bought some compost….

and mulch from the gardening section.

When I got home, I emptied out my decorative bag in front of the pot and sprinkled in a layer of mulch then followed…

with some top soil before adding more mulch on top. The next day when i came back to see how this experiment…

was going, it seemed like something could be wrong because all the leaves had fallen off!

It felt like such a waste after all that time put into planting it just for lack of good fertilizer choice!

But now, I take back my words. My snake plant growing bigger than ever, out of my expectation that I have known

Snake plant fertilizer 5

A month after planting, your snake plant is going to be hungry for some extra nutrition., company manufactures and sells consumer lawn, garden and pest control products.

This is a list of quality good snake plant fertilizer you should consider, here’s the list of it:

  • Perfect Plants Liquid Snake Plant Fertilizer
  • Indoor Plant Food Slow-Release Pellets by Aquatic Arts
  • Lilly Miller 10-10-10 Plant Food
  • The Andersons PGF Fertilizer 
  • Lebanon Seaboard Fertilizer
  • Jobe’s Houseplant Food Spikes  
  • Southern Ag Fertilizer 
  • Botanicare Fertilizer Pure Blend  
  • Joyful Dirt Plant Food  
  • Bonide Plant Food
  • Kindred Plant Food  
  • Aquatic Arts All-Purpose Plant Food
  • Espoma Organic-Indoor  
  • Botanicare CNS17

Let’s discuss what snake plant fertilizers will work best for revitalizing your plant.

We’ll provide several examples and provide answers to other questions you might have about snake plant care.

Here’s the main things that you should know!

Benefits of Fertilizing

It is like giving your snake plant a vitamin to fertilize it. 

Plants need vitamins to survive, and similar to vitamins, a plant needs a vitamin to survive. 

Plants may not show their need for fertilizer until many years after they were planted.

If you fertilize your snake plant properly.. can help it grow more quickly and have fewer problems.

Although snake plants aren’t well known for their blooms..

..fertilizing can increase your chances of having one bloom.

Fertilizing your snake plant can help ensure that it grows at an optimum rate and has a better chance of flowering.

What Fertilizer To Use

One of the most difficult parts of propagating a garden is choosing the right fertilizer. 

There are so many fertilizers to choose from out there, and some are better than others. 

My personal recommendation is to steer clear of organic fertilizers such as “fish meal”, “blood meal”, “worm poop”, etc.

It is true that there are a variety of different types..

..but most of them have little nutritional value and are so expensive that they are of little worth. 

There is only one advantage of these organic fertilizers..

..they are definitely environmentally friendly..

..but I would argue that normal fertilizers are just as environmentally friendly when used correctly. 

As long as you don’t dump your fertilizer down the drain or into your local river.. won’t be harming the environment with your normal “non-organic” fertilizer. 

My two cents on organic fertilizers, and you’re welcome to follow my advice or leave it alone.

Best Snake Plant Fertilizer

Despite the fact that snake plants do not require fertilizer on a regular basis…

…they can be essential if your snake plant needs a little boost from a period of high stress.

NPK is the ratio of the components of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium within the fertilizer…

…and it is the optimum ratio for snake plants. A plant generally requires nitrogen at a rate of 10g/L.

A snake plant in poor health may require fertilizer so it has the nutrients it needs to survive.

If an individual snake plant shows signs of damage like curling leaves or random spotting…

…it may be time to investigate further.

Snake plant fertilizer

Here’s the thing….

Perfect Plants Liquid Snake Plant Fertilizer

Using this liquid snake plant fertilizer, your plant will receive the essential nutrients it needs to grow and thrive.

A refillable bottle comes with the product that will continue to be effective months after it has been applied.

You only need a small quantity of the solution in the water to replenish the nutrients your snake plant needs…

…for several days. Use just one teaspoon per gallon of water to freshen up your dead plant.

You can also use this solution for other indoor succulents.

Indoor Plant Food Slow-Release Pelletsby Aquatic Arts 

With a 16-5-11 NPK ratio, this slow-release plant food by Aquatic Arts brings your snake plant…

…back to life more quickly than most fertilizers on the market. 

You only need to add a half teaspoon of this formula during watering for adult snake plants.

You should make sure the pellets are evenly distributed along the top of your soil for maximum benefit.

The nitrogen content of the fertilizer will help restore the leaf’s color and strengthen them to stand upright again.

Lilly Miller 10-10-10 Plant Food

This fertilizer has an NPK of 10-10-10 and is suitable for use on snake plants, along with some succulents otherwise…

…in your home. Its top qualities include amino acids needed to revive your snake plant and encourage it to flourish.

You can add this plant fertilizer to your plant’s soil every two to three weeks to restore your foliage or repair damaged roots.

The Andersons PGF Fertilizer 

The fertilizer combines essential nutrients with micronutrients to give your snake plant a boost.

It contains an NPK of 10-10-10 and can be used on your snake plant or any other succulents you may have.

The use of this mineral is not only beneficial to the metabolic process within your plant…

..but it can also restore the balance of your plant and revive damaged roots.

To apply, you only need to put it in the soil in between every two to three weeks.

Lebanon Seaboard Fertilizer 

The No. 40 fertilizer from LSC is another great 10-10-10 formula that you can use on your snake plants…

…when they are ailing. The benefit of this formula is that it is gentle enough for young plants…

…and provides a steady distribution of nutrients through out their growing cycle.

It will provide your snake plant with the necessary phytonutrients, enzymes…

…and amino acids the daily metabolism requires.

This fertilizer can be used on any trees, shrubs, flowers you might have outside.

Jobe’s Houseplant Food Spikes  

Jobe’s small food spikes make for a very effective fertilizer for snake plants.

You only need one or two spikes in your soil every few weeks to get your snake plant growing again.

These spikes not only supply your plants with the vitamins, trace minerals…

…and enzymes they need to promote vitality, but also assist damaged roots to recover rapidly from stress.

Southern Ag Fertilizer 

The Southern Ag 10-10-10 formula is an outstanding general-purpose fertilizer for preventing root rot…

…causes by over-watering or under-fertilizing. If your plant suffers from light issues or fungal infections…

…this granular fertilizer can give it a healthy dose of phytonutrients and enzymes.

To see fast results, apply 1/2 cup of the formula to your plant’s soil every two to three weeks.

Botanicare Fertilizer Pure Blend  

It contains a ton of enzymes and trace elements for speeding up the recovery process of your snake plant.

Botanicare is one of the most popular brands in the horticulture marketplace.

The super-concentrated formula also promotes great nutrition overall, ensuring the best conditions….

…for healthy plant roots.

With a bi-weekly application and 1/8 tablespoon for effectiveness, the formula provides the perfect conditions for healthy roots.

New facts for you!

Joyful Dirt Plant Food  

Another great choice in all-purpose fertilizer from Joyful there is this.

It’s also a high-quality solution that can help you get your snake plant back to health in a matter of weeks.

If your snake plant is sick, apply this formula and 1/8 teaspoon twice weekly for maximum restoration.

The formula contains mycorrhizal nutrients that are crucial to speeding up its recovery.

The nutrients are fairly gentle and will not cause a chemical burn if applied in small amounts.

Bonide Plant Food

The Bonide Liquid Plant Food is a liquid fertilizer that promotes healthy growth in your snake plant.

If you are experiencing yellowed or browned foliage, root rot, or bacterial infections, this fertilizer can help.

There is an NPK formula of 10-10-10 that requires only a small amount of water to be added to the plant’s…

…soil to get maximum results.

This plant fertilizer is fairly light and can be used either weekly or bi-weekly without harming your snake plant.

Kindred Plant Food  

One of the most popular fertilizers for snake plants & succulents, Kindred’s Fertilizer contains essential micronutrients…

….plus a good amount of essential oils that promote general nutrient absorption.

It has a 3-1-2 NPK ratio to ensure your plants’ maintenance. Add this formula to your soil every few weeks…

…for the best results. It is suitable for older plants that may need a little nutrient replenishment.

Just a tablespoon of this formula mixed with one quart of water can be added to your snake plant.

Aquatic Arts All-Purpose Plant Food

Among the best brands of horticultural fertilizers, Aquatic Arts are one of the most popular.

If you are looking for a fertilizer that can quickly restore snake plant health, then this is the one.

A granular fertilizer may be added every two or three weeks by mixing with the plant’s soil or diluting it…

…with a cup of water. This formula is the best one for stopping wilting, browning, and the yellowing of leaves.

Espoma Organic-Indoor  

A liquid organic fertilizer that offers important proteins and high levels of beneficial microbes…

…can restore your snake plant to optimal health.

It’s the liquid fertilizer that you can use every two to four weeks, and all your snake plants need to restore themselves.

Last but not least…

Botanicare CNS17

For snake plants that could be expiring soon, this industrial-grade fertilizer is what you need.

If your snake plant has suffered from fungal issues or has been overwatered, this solution may prevent its demise.

With its potent formula, only a small amount is needed in order for the plant to recover from illness.

The quantity depends on size.


Sum Up

See having Snake plant is good choice for you to have! It’s cool, its famous, it’s easy to have and care!

What else do you need? In this pandemic time like this, is a good choice for you to have an new activity…

…and having snake plant is a good choice for you to have!


Last thing for sure. This plant need to be care carefully, remember plant need the “love” too.

Alright that’s all for today! Do you have any questions about all of this?

Or do you want to add some method facts about good snake plant fertilizer?

Let me know your recommendation from the comment below.

There are still many recent and interesting articles about Snake Plants as well as other unique information…

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I hope you can now take care your snake carefully and grow it big!

Thanks for reading this article! Bye!

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