Top 5 Best Grass Seed Spreader Reviews on Amazon!

The grass seed spreader is the key to having a well-kept lawn on your home.

You must prepare the ground and seed it with high-quality materials to achieve the best-looking yard.

To keep the grass seed green and healthy, it must be evenly disseminated and fed on a regular basis.

Seed spreader

You may improve the appearance of your property by using grass seed and fertilizer spreaders.

These tools are intended to assist you in disseminating the information without wasting it.

The spreader’s size and capacity are determined by the size of the grass that needs to be seeded and fertilized.

Our Top Picks of Grass Seed Spreader on Amazon!

The finest grass seed spreader reviews show the various types of spreaders available…

…for covering little or large areas with grass seed or fertilizers. Many of these spreaders…

…are used to spread salt on your paths in the winter to keep them safe for walking and driving on.

Home-X Grass Handheld Seed Spreader


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for smaller lawns


  • Not suitable for large lawns

This seed and salt spreader is a great addition to any gardener’s toolkit. It’s ideal for little gardening…

…for seeding on the fly. It’s a plastic spreader with a wide handle for better control when spreading.

This spreader can also be used to disperse salt in the winter.

This budget-friendly spot spreader has a 76-ounce tank that can cover up to 700 square feet of lawn.

It’s made of polyethylene, which makes it simple to fill and maintain. Despite the fact that it is not…

…intended for vast lawns or heavy-duty tasks, it should find a home among important gardening tools.

Before we continue to the list of best seed spreader, i’ve got the story that will make you know how important…

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Words from Gerrard

Hello my name is Gerrard.

I’m currently staying at home during the quarantine

i really love gardening

when I wake up in the morning

…i always spend my time to garden in backyard of my house.

I’ve realized something, i need seed spreader to make it easier.

But so far, I haven’t found the best seed spreader…

that fits my needs. However I do not know…

…about the details of each product and its

advantages and disadvantages.

Finally I decided to read an article on the internet

about seed spreader, after I understood the advantages…

and disadvantages of each product, I finally chose one.

And now I can do my gardening activity easier with seed spreader!

There is a seed inside of every tree and a tree inside of every seed.”

Matshona Dhliwayo. Canadian based Philosopher

Chapin Chest-Mounted Grass Seed Spreader


  • Adjustable straps for comfortable wearing
  • Great capacity and good coverage
  • Wide-mouth opening for filling without spillage


  • Does not disperse seeds smoothly

The tank capacity of this chest-mounted seed dispenser is large, and the entrance is wide.

This aperture is ideal for storing seeds because they will not leak.

This spreader is worn on the chest and has an adjustable shoulder strap to match any body size.

Seeds may be scattered over a vast region with this spreader. The area covered is up to 10,000 square feet.

It will disseminate in an 8-foot width, substantially speeding up the work.

It also has a deflector to keep you from throwing away important seeds.

Spreading the seeds is also made easier using the hand crank control.

Brinly Pull Behind Grass Seed Spreader


  • A high capacity hopper
  • Great coverage
  • Durable


  • Not for small gardens
  • Needs to be attached to some rider

This model offers a lot of great features if you’re searching for a practical pull behind spreader.

With a universal hook, it may be simply mounted to any rider or ATV. Its hopper has a capacity…

…of 175 lb, which is sufficient for large regions. It’s best suited to large yards of one acre or more.

This spreader is constructed of high-quality materials, making it a long-lasting tool.

For professional-grade results, it spreads seeds in a 12 ft spread width with automatic spread control.

It also includes a deflector. The hopper is equipped with an integrated cover that keeps dust and moisture out.

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Agri-Fab Push Grass Seed Spreader


  • Wide-set pneumatic tires
  • Large hopper capacity
  • Easy to use


  • The deflector is sold separately

This model will supply all you need for this job if you require a grass seed spreader that you…

…can push around to disperse seeds or salt. The set of high-quality pneumatic…

…tires is set wide to ensure proper weight distribution and balance. Even on tough terrain, it operates well.

It’s simple to operate because it includes a straight rod that allows you to easily manage the seed or fertilizer…

…dispersion. The hopper’s 85-pound capacity allows you to cover up to 14000 square feet with seed or salt.

This model does come with a deflector, but it must be purchased separately.

Scotts Handheld Grass Seed Spreader


  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a deflector
  • Versatile use


  • Using rock salt is not recommended
  • No warranty available

This portable spreader is a lightweight spreader that can be used to disperse grass seeds, fertilizer…

…or weed control agents. This flexible spreader is a battery-powered gadget…

…with 23 various speeds and a flow control to help you evenly distribute grass products.

The fill tank has a 9-pound capacity, which is enough to cover 2500 square feet.

It may be programmed to automatically disperse the material as you walk along the trail.

It also includes a deflector to aid in even distribution. Unfortunately, there is no warranty on this item.

Here’s the thing…

Best Grass Seed Spreader Buying Guide

Seed spreader 1

You must grow your grass properly if you want a property with neatly grown grass that looks pleasing and healthy.

The first step is to prepare the soil and distribute the seed and fertilizer.

The grass seed spreaders are there to assist you in completing that task flawlessly.

Here are some crucial things to consider while determining which seed spreader is right for you.

  • Hopper/Tank Capacity: The size of the hopper basket or tank used to hold seed or other granular materials should be determined by the area of your lawn. Pull or push broadcast spreaders with 80 to 200 lb capacity are ideal for large regions.
  • Spreading Methods: The most prevalent means of dispersing the material are rotary and drop procedures. Although the rotary spreader is not a highly precise instrument, it can cover a large area in a short period of time. They spread quickly due to the high rotational speed, sending the material far away from the tool.
  • User Control: Many spreaders just have simple controls for turning on and off spreading. Some of them have the ability to modify the flow rate and coverage to avoid wasting material unnecessarily. Some spreaders allow you to control how much material is released at any given time.
  • Wheels: Wheels are used on spreaders with larger hoppers that may be pushed or pulled by a tractor or lawnmower. Pneumatic, flat-free wheels are commonly used, and they are set wide to ensure optimum balance and weight distribution. They make it possible to maneuver the spreader over uneven terrain and slopes.
  • Coverage: The coverage of all spreaders is defined by a specified number. This figure is proportional to the spreader’s capacity. The spreaders that can be pushed or mounted to an ATV have larger hoppers and can cover up to 25 000 square feet of lawn.
  • Spread Pattern Width: The width of the spread pattern is determined by the spreading mechanism. The spread breadth will be substantially wider if you own a spreader that uses the rotating approach. Although the width can reach up to 40 feet, this technology does not guarantee material dispersion precision.
  • Accessories: Although the spreaders are simple instruments, they nevertheless require various attachments to aid in the heavy spreading job. The deflector is the most frequent attachment.

And finally…

Sum Up

Chapin Chest-Mounted Grass Seed Spreader is my #1 pick.

This grass seed spreader is built to last, with pneumatic tires…

…that are set wide for even weight distribution and ideal balance even on uneven and difficult terrain.

What is your preferred grass seed spreader? Which spreader do you like to use on your slopes or lawns?

Let me know what you think in the comments section below.


Is it possible to use a seed spreader to spread compost? Seed spreaders are designed for granulated material…

…that must be dry and compacted, thus no. Moisture in the compost can cause it to adhere to the holes.

The spreading would be ineffective because the apertures would need to be cleaned frequently.

It is preferable to use alternative tools. Complete your gardening tools with garden hoe and garden trowel.

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